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    Be honest and never surrender your self-respect

    We often see families where a person goes abroad on the strength of his or her qualification and experience. In certain cases, the ego gets the better of the person and what happens is that he or she starts making fun and ill-treating his or her brothers and sisters and close relatives.

    For sheer economic reasons, the economically weak person would meekly surrender and allow the massive ego of the rich person get better. However, I have known two brothers in two different families who braved all odds and educated their children in the Government schools and colleges and yet made them highly responsible citizens after education abroad and getting highly lucrative jobs in Australia and Singapore. Both these men have made generous contributions in both cash and kind to the humble Government schools in their native villages. They have also sponsored the education expenses of two very poor children each.

    The parents have been extremely honest; the mothers in both families acted as cooks in two families taking care of senior citizens. The father's would sell vegetables and fruits on a part-time basis. They politely refused any help from their brothers who are settled abroad. The brothers have been quite kind, but the two men had the will to manage with scarse resources, with active support from their family members.

    When such things happen, the success of the children becomes even more sweeter. There is a big pride to cherish for all time to come.
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    There are many students who studied and become big and settled abroad. My distance relatives is a father of 5 sons. He is rich. But he admitted his sons in government schools only. All of them studied well and two of the brothers settled abroad and three are settled in India. They all go together even today. The two brothers will cone every year once to India and all the 5 brothers spend some time together with their families in their native place. They donated for the construction of the building to the school and 50% of the expenditure was born by them and the school building is named after their father. The two brothers settled in the US told their brothers in India that they don't want any share in their father's property.
    Such people are there even today. They forget their financial differences. They live together. It is good and all should learn from such families and should understand the importance of human relations.

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    It would be very difficult to predict the behaviours of brothers living abroad after their settling down in foreign countries. In respect of their earnings, they are very comfortable and are in a position to contribute a significant portion to their family members living in India.
    We have seen the different reactions of these educated people, some tend to forget the miseries of rest of members but there are some who are actively involved in upliftment of the society with their generous donations in educational institutions, hospitals, making temples in their native villages etc. Hence sensibility in some of the masses living abroad after their partition from India has not died and think continuously for the welfare of their own people.

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    It is the fact that some people go over board and start behaving strangely after acquiring new status in their life and forget their past as to who have helped them and who have supported them. In a same family when a person goes abroad and start earning good amount and also the living styles changes, they under mine the Indian living conditions and thus pass rave remarks much to the annoy of family members. There are cases when the people gone for site seeing and settled there thanks to good friends who helped them to prevail upon staying back and start earning for the future. One thing is sure nothing can match the staying in our country as we have to return one day or the other and one should not have too much attachment to modern culture of other countries which has greater impact on our marriage and children.
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    Some people are there whose behaviour changes when they get a job outside and earn good money there. They start feeling themselves as something different from their poor relatives and friends. Such people would also not get respect from others.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Money has big backlash when it comes it affects the receivers when it leaves, leaves miseries.
    Rarely man is not affected by money. He is not a man but a super-man in this age. Money causes great changes in behaviour, manners, attitude, style, conversation, interests, hobbies, friend circle.

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