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    Peculiarity or speciality of oncoming February 2021

    This peculiar arrangement of day and dates of February will occur only after 823 years. What is the peculiarity or speciality about the month February in 2021?

    The start of the month would be on Monday.
    The end of the month would be Sunday.
    Monday to Sunday, there will be 4 dates.
    It looks nice in a calender .

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    Except for February in a leap year, February in all other years will have 28 days that is exactly 4 weeks. So if the month starts with any one of the seven days, the month will end with the day before the starting day. For example, if the month starts with Tuesday it will end on Monday. So the starting day of February and March will be the same except in leap year. The special of this year is the month is Starting on Monday that is the first working day of the week and hence ending on a holiday that is Sunday.
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    The month of February having 28 days is very nicely depicted in a rectangular form as the month is starting with Monday making it a perfect look calendar. This is not the usual representation of month of February as author has already mentioned that it repeats only after such a long gap. There are many such unique things in the calendar which people observe and then share with others.
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    Since February has 28 days to be specific, such occurrence is possible much to the surprise of human being. So the calendar looking full in rectangular manner is really a treat to watch.
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    Normally February month has its own specialty always. As depicted by the author the dates and days are in good square and evenly divided.

    My wife and myself born in the month of February only. But my wife born on 28th. My sister's son used to tell her that, 'aunty, for God's sake you have not born on 29th'. We asked why, and he replied 'your birth day will come only for four years once.'

    A joke: one employee told to another that he would like to work in February with interest rather than of any month. Another asked why he said so. He replied that he would get full month salary by working two to three days less than other months.

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    Additionally the total calander of 2021 has similar days as of 1971

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    Just have a check on 2071 calendar. Is it happening once in every 50 years?
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