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    The rift in Bihar NDA government

    The new Janata Dal-United President R.P. Singh has expressed the party's displeasure over several issues to BJP. They are highly disheartened at the inclusion of 6 JDU MLAs in Arunachal Pradesh. He slammed BJP, an ally in Bihar Government, for their betrayal and playing stratagem against coalition Dharma. He stated that in place of including them in government as ministers, the BJP merged them in the party. It is not acceptable. He also criticised BJP for bringing Love Jihad issue as it will disintegrate unity in the country and new ordinance will widen the gap between two communities.

    Political analyts are beholding a difference between these two parties in Bihar. Appointment of a new chief in Janata Dal-United, mainly to give Chief Minister Nitish Kumar a chance to opt-out of dealing with the BJP brass, indicates a deep divide within Bihar's ruling alliance.

    The Janata Dal-United has not shied away from blaming the BJP for covertly backing the rebellion by Chirag Paswan which chopped off nearly half the party's strength in the assembly and left it as junior partner to the BJP.
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    MLAs winning the elections on the party and joining another party is nothing but betraying the people who voted for him. The rules should be changed and if any MLA wants to change his party he should resign to MLA post also. The rules should be amended.
    Why BJP allowed 6 MLAs is to be known. They are from a friendly party and now they will have a problem with their friendly party. There may be something behind. The top bosses of both parties should discuss and finalise the issue. Let us wait and see how it is going to effect the JDU and BJP alliance in Bihar.

    always confident

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    At present the JDU need not give terms nor show tantrums with unhappiness vented by some of the party leaders as technically BJP was the largest gainer and Nitish Kumar was made the CM again the behest of PM giving clean chlt to his previous regime. BJP want to consolidate in all the states and in Arunachal Pradesh JDU was inconsequential and thus merged the six MLA into the Party and thus closed the shop of JDU there. Let Nitish Kumar concentrate on his governing or else even the Bihar unit of JDU may cross over to the BJP for some political gains and this called the politics of opportunities.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @K. Mohan: JDU is angry with BJP and reason is obvious. Their coalition in Bihar will not go further I think so. BJP made Nitish Kumar CM because it was necessary for them, else Nithish could go with RJD and even now, it may happen too. There is no permanent friend or enemy in politics.

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