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    Less sleep, less rest and more work is not the right way.

    Due to the changing lifestyles, there are also some changes in our everyday life. Many times these changes bring positivity for us. But it has often been seen that a haptic lifestyle is not much beneficial for our body. Everyone wants to score good numbers, do well in their career, and have a better living standard. Everyone is also struggling to fulfill this desire. The theory of less sleep, less rest, and more work is making the body like a machine, people are forgetting the natural needs of the body.

    Despite knowing that sleep is important for health, we often compromise on sleep. Prolonged sleep duration and compromising its quality harm health. It is important to understand that, like diet and exercise, sleep is also an integral part of health.
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    A balanced way of living is always required. Overindulgence in eating and overworking will definitely harm the body. Similarly not working and not eating is also not good for the body. We should have a balance in life. A machine will also go bad if it not maintained properly and kept running 24 X 7. A machine also requires preventive maintenance so that it will not break down. A machine can be made working by repairing it. But we can't bring back a person who is no more. So preventive maintenance is very important for human beings. The ways and means of living are very important. Our body requires rest. So we should have sufficient rest to the body. One should have a sleep of a minimum of 6 hours per day.
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    Sleep and rest are required in the optimal quantity. Any lack in that and we would suffer physically and mentally. Sleep rejuvenates our bodies and make it fresh and makes it ready for the next sequence of jobs or tasks or even challenges. So undermining the value of sleep as well as rest will be a misleading thing. Sleep is so important that even one day disturbance in the sleep is sufficient to disturb us for long hours and then we will succumb to short sleep in the day time which is never advisable for an active person. More work is ok and is a welcome thing but not on the cost of sleep and rest.
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    Sound sleep is necessary for health. Less sleep may affect the body and brain as well. We should take a full diet and full sleep as normally everybody does. We shouldn't compromise our diet and sleep. I see several people who sacrifice their hunger for the sake of their business. They don't take food on time if the customers are with them. They keep on involved in dealing with them unless they go. What they earn instead of this sacrifice I don't understand. Likewise, some people don't take full sleep at night. How they can work properly if they don't have sound sleep.

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    Our body is not a machine to keep on working and needs a definite rest and that depends on our sleep and giving the ease to the body to be get ready for the next day. For example the new born babies from zero to 1 years would sleep for 22 hours in a day and the more they sleep they will grow healthier and faster. And from 1 year to 3 years the children would sleep for 15 to 20 hours a day. As the children grow up and get into the youth and then into the middle age the sleeping hours would be roughly 10 hours a day. And for the elders they would be bothered with lots of disease and thus sleep disorders would prove them to be uneasy and they wake up early than others. Invariably I sleep for 6 hours sound sleep without any disturbance and that would be make me fresh for the next day tasks with ease. So minimum 6 hours sleep is necessary.
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    We can see normally, the working women comments on the housewife ladies that they are all free than the working class women. But if we see the house ladies, their work in numerous and practically there is no time to them. For this my mother used to say, 'veedadangi velai seithal viral madakka neram illai' which means there is time to even fold the finger if we work in house by seeing one by one.
    So, the work is everywhere and there will be no end for the work. If you start doing one work, unless otherwise, if you yourself balance to take relaxation, you will going on working. For this, there is a practice of eight hours work. I am seeing many workaholic people fell sick one day as they are not giving free time for rest and other things in their daily work.

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