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    Pandemic gave us new words

    Recent worldwide pandemic made us limited to our homes. We could not go to work. Participation in marriages, funeral rituals and all other such occasional gatherings set to a limited number of people. Most of the people kept themselves busy on social media. 2020 was full of ups and down and it can't be forgotten by the people who are alive on this planet. It taught us to live under unprecedented circumstances. It taught us that we can't fight against divine calamities despite all our scientific progress, knowledge and achievements. Politics, economy, health, society all were deeply touched by this pandemic. Interestingly, during this long period, several new terms came into existence and they became popular worldwide, like:

    Lockdown: Almost all the countries declared lockdown to break the series of spreading the virus. It was the curfew-like situation in which all establishments put on standstill. Nobody could come out of homes unnecessarily.
    Mask: Everybody was asked to cover the mouth and nose with a mask.
    Social distancing: We couldn't come closer to each other. Hugging, shaking hands, sitting together became taboo.
    Blurs-day: It became difficult to live in a home without going out. People began to forget the date and day.
    Circuit breaker: This term was revived when the share market was collapsed
    Quartine and Isolation: These terms were used to keep the infected patients at a separate place.
    Contact tracing: It was used to know how many people came in contact with a corona patient.
    Online classes: All schools/colleges were closed, so online classes were conducted.
    Work from home: To run the business establishments WFH for employees was started.
    PPE kit: Doctors and other health workers used to wear it.
    Workation: Companies allowed employees to work from a resort and hotel while staying in any tourist place.
    Zoom: It was used on large scale to keep in touch with each other online.
    Elbow-bump: Friends started shaking elbows instead of hands when they met.
    Doom scrolling: Media was giving continue-hike up- death toll news which made people scared.
    Virtual Happy Hour: Friends would meet online at a fixed time and enjoyed their online party in which they would drink while watching and talking to each other.
    Super spreader: All events where people gathered in large number caused the spread of the virus.
    Covidiots: Those who neglected precautions to protect from the virus were given this name.
    Corona warriors: Those who worked to fight coronavirus were called as warriors.
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    Yes. These are the words which have become very popular during the pandemic. Earlier we used to use the word quartine area where we used to store materials which are to be tested and take a call to accept them and use them or return them to the supplier. Its usage was limited. But now this word has become very familiar.
    Before pandemic, we used to curse mobile phones saying that they are increasing the distance between the people/. But the came in very handy during the lockdown as we are in touch with other people only through these phones only.
    Work from home has become very popular during this period and especially IT companies are feeling that they can make more money by allowing their employees to work from home. But employees who were preferring WFH before pandemic are now thinking of working from the office is much better than WFH.

    always confident

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    An exhaustive compilation of the words by the author which became of much importance during the ongoing pandemic and some new words which were invented in a jiffy. In the technical jargon there are many more terms which doctors and professionals are using and research scholars are also using in their thesis or research papers as so many of them connected with Covid-19 are being published nowadays.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A Nice thread Posted by the author. The year 2020 is passing. In March this year, the meaning of our life had completely changed by the time we came. On the one hand, the threat of pandemics is on the other, new lessons of life. First of all, the word 2020 is shadowed in English under the name Twenty-Twenty. As soon as March came, not only India started spreading the word lockdown all over the world. This was the time when you and I were imprisoned in the houses and were living in the houses with our necessities. As soon as the word quarantine surfaced, it was searched extensively. When it started to be a joke on the Internet, people started understanding its importance in normal life. Before the pandemic, we did not hear many of those words in daily life, but now the situation is that like we, even small children are also aware of all these words.

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    It is the fact that pandemic has given us new words and almost all the people across the world are now familiar with them and use in their contents also. Apart from the above the new words like vaccine candidate, covid procedures and some of the other words are also in use. The new word strains from UK has created new panic among the people and thus the second wave of pandemic is certain. For the common man the mask, sanitizers, social distancing, lock down, curfews, shut downs has become very common usage of words. And from the Ayurvedic front also we are coming across some new words like Kabasura kudi neer, decoction, ghawa, and so many . One thing is sure people are getting united and sharing information and feeds whenever they get benefited through use of one thing or other to get rid of corona virus.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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