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    Give children a sense of real history in all its positive aspects

    One bane of Indian history in schools is the rapid-fire type of teaching, particularly those that bear references to the role of good spiritual leaders, temples and other places of worship across all religions and, most importantly, the role of superb leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Patel, Nehru, Kamaraj and so on, who were selfless and totally honest in their lives.

    The children study history and then quietly forget the lessons. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and computer science take over in terms of importance for everything. This is unfortunate. At least on the weekends, the parents can even ask their children to see some good YouTube videos now available about the lifestyle and achievements of such leaders. Let our children grow up understanding the bigger picture of our country and its achievements and it's problems; compartmentalized learning never ever serves any purpose.
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    I agree with the author. The students should be made to study some real history of the country. That will help them to know what happened and who sacrificed for the sake of the country. But one should not give them the wrong information. All facts of the past should be taught. They should understand the people who fought for the country's independence.
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    Most of the children like story based lessons and the history appended in the text books are of narrative way with lots of dates and happenings to which children are not interested. Anything shown on video format would be hugely impressive and the children get attracted and even glued to the video. For example I am getting curious to know the sufferings of Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar which is now being telecast on Vijay tv as a serial and surely the small boy who is acting as child Ambedkar gone through lots of humiliation and sufferings and that brings in the correlated happenings that made him rigid and created the new constitution and that give equal representation and preference to all. So what I mean to say that every history character if shown on video format the children would understand more aptly and even get impressed.
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    The author is perfectly right. Nowadays many school children do not know our Indian History, Culture etc., Basic things are not taught in the schools amidst their school subjects. I have seen a twenty years old boy who went to foreign after his graduation when he came back to India. When we traveled in a car I casually asked him about the palm tree and coconut tree. He did not know the difference as well about the trees. He conquered first class in his graduation but lack of basic knowledge. By seeing this his father, who drove the car told me as what is the necessity in knowing about the trees.
    Many parents themselves of opinion that knowledge on our History, Culture etc., are mere waste in the present advancement of Science.

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    I think the whole system of curricula needs reformation. Students are not interested in history. What they will do by knowing about history, what happened in past when they intend to become a doctor or computer professionals, their indifference attitude is based on obvious reasons. The same is applied to their parents too. I think parents should focus on moral teachings instead of history. It will make their children good human when they have grown up as adults.

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