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    Guide to earning money on the website

    I am currently new to the website and joined with the purpose of earning money part time for posting articles. Could anyone guide with the process of earning money, posting articles as well as keeping the check upon the total money earned upon posting articles
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    Warm welcome to this educational site and glad to see one more member joining this great channel which is developing leap and bounds over the recent past and those who have joined here has earned name and fame and also made some decent earnings. It is possible to earn from the articles submitted here, but that should be totally of own creation and absolutely no spamming allowed. Since you are new try your writing profess and append great ideas through this forum and that would give you the right edge and confidence to create best articles running out of own thought process. At ISC you are welcomed for every small step put ahead in respect of performance and weekly awards and rewards should be booster dose to write further and thus content writing and earnings go side by side besides eligibility to adsense and Revenue share bonus for top 20 members.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You may give your contribution in different sections like Job Section, Article section, Ask experts section etc, you can earn money on every post. In the Forum section, only a good post is awarded.
    Welcome to ISC family.

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    If you have interest in writing and other creative compositions, mainly in educational matters, then you are at the correct place. Article writing is one important activity here but apart from that there are many interesting things that you can think of attempting. Some of these are job posting, answering questions, discuss in forum, update information about schools / colleges / courses etc. Then one of the salient feature here is contests of various types where you can participate and win points and cash prizes. For each and every contribution you will be awarded some points and sometimes some cash points also which are known here as cash credits.

    Please go through the material published in this site in each category and you will come to know the benchmarks against which you have to compete. If you contribute significantly then you can have some earning here but it is a slow process and you can expect your first payment in 3-4 months. Generally payment will be made to you when your accumulated earnings cross some good value like Rs 800 or say 1000.

    But there is another aspect of contributing here and that is learning. When you contribute here you will be advised and guided by the editors and in that process there is a lot of scope for learning and improving ones writings. So that advantage is bigger than the monetary advantage. So in the beginning one should try to improve ones knowledge and writing quality and then gradually some pocket money will also be generated in the process. In the beginning one has to be serious for learning and contributing and should not bother for the money angle.

    Knowledge is power.

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