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    Understand the difference between desires and needs.

    Whatever we do in life from morning to evening, we do it by being inspired by any desires and needs. Consider these two words - desire and need. There is a big difference between the two. Every need is a desire, but every desire is a need, it is not necessary. The desire behind which the purpose is hidden becomes a necessity. Now the whole game is in understanding these two. When you learn to differentiate between your desire and need, then you understand the mind. If we understand this difference then life becomes easy. Until you are free from aimless desires, you will not be able to achieve the real purpose of life. You will stay away from the real enjoyment of life. So try to find distinguish between desire and needs and live a simple but happy life.
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    Very nice thread initiated by the author Yes there are vast difference between desires and needs. While desire is the specific requirement of a person who would be waiting and wanting it to be achieved provided the great opportunities comes the way. While the wants are the basic needs and that are required for the very existence and there cannot be questioning of dire needs which are same and going in for every one. But wrong doers in the society are in the prowl for their lust and fulfilling the desire and thus even goes for future planning to achieve the desires. And these people are those who does not follow the rules of the life, they are ruthless to others and they simply wait for the desire to complete and enjoy and then behave strangely. One thing is sure desires cannot be great wants and all wants cannot be the dire desires.
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    Need and desire, superficially, look similar terms but actually, both are different as the author has suggested too.
    Need is something which is required in some situations, mostly need is indispensable to survive or sometimes, It becomes most essential for existence too.

    The most basic needs are food, water, air, clothing, and shelter and for normal life we have different needs and different desire. I try to laymanize this difference.

    -When we feel hunger we need food to fill our stomach but when we want special food to eat is desire, like pizza.
    -When we feel thirsty we need water to quench our thirst. Now this water may come from hand-pump or river or well but when we want special water it's desire, like mineral water.
    -When we need shelter. Any shade or house will suffice but when we want a home with all facilities and amenities it's desire.
    -When we need education for our child he can be admitted in any school but when we want to get him admitted in an a good school it's desire.
    -When we need a mobile to talk, any mobile will suffice but when we want specific mobile it's desire, like Apple's phone etc

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    # 719177 -
    Thank you, that through your response you have explained the difference between need and desire in such a detailed way.

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    Desire - Not a must to get it. May or may not have it.
    Need - An essential requirement. Should have it.

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    Need is an essential item. Desire may be essential or may not be essential. If our desires are limited to our needs we will be happy in our life. If our desires increase we will not get satisfied in our life. There is a limit for needs. But there is no limit for desires. A house to live in is a need. Once we have a house we will think of having a big bungalow. That is a desire.
    There is nothing wrong with having a desire. But you should work hard and see that your desire is fulfilled. Sometimes our desire will go up to such an extent that it will become impossible and we will not have happiness in our life in pursuit of that desire. We should limit our desires in such a way that we will have happiness in our life. Some times when our desires are not fulfilled we will become frustrated and that will lead to health problems. It is never desirable.

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    Need is the essential item which emanate from our instincts from want. We have always wanted the basic essentials for our survival ie food, dressing and shelter. Whenever, our basic needs or wants are met, we would look for the best alternatives. Hence we have seen that after fulfilling our basic items in the forms of wants, desire for the better alternatives develop at a later stage and this lust has no end. If one desire is achieved, we would go in for other tastes. Hence fulfilment of the desires is not the basic need for a human being but want is the basic need for survival.

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    We need certain things to survive in our lives and these are essential items. Every one needs them and those who do not have these minimum things available to them are the downtrodden and extremely poor people who are worried everyday for their two times meals in this world. So, needs are requirement of everyone and are to be somehow fulfilled either by themselves or by the rulers of the country by devising welfare schemes for them. On the other hand, desires are in the nature of dreaming and everyone has liberty to desire whatever one wants to conjecture in this world. There is no limit to it. Imagination has no upper limit. At the same time achieving the desires is a tough task because it requires not only hard work and concerted efforts but also requires conducive and favourable circumstances. Only then desires can be fulfilled.
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