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    So Rajni listens to voice command from God

    After gone through health setback and having discharged from a hospital in Hyderabad, while addressing the press Super star Rajnikanth has now confirmed that he will be opting out of polls which is slated for the Tamil Nadu assembly and thus paving way for AIADMK -BJP alliance on one side and DMK -Congress and other parties on other side. But AIADMK has made it clear to BJP that it would have the candidate of Palanisamy as CM and there is no change in stance. Now it has to be seen whether BJP would tie up with AIADMK with new demand.
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    Rajnikant realizes his health issues and he can't go in this field. I think another aspect is or may be that he is a beloved star for people. Some of his fans might be followers of other parties e.g. congress, so they would not like to see Rajnikant standing with Bjp.

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    Mr. Rajni is not bold and courageous enough to be a politician and face election. As I mentioned somewhere in a recent thread, he may not be able to launch a party as announced by him, but would take an excuse with some cause. Now, his health issue has become a cause for not announcing his party. So let us keep him away from politics. Even if he launches a party, it won't make any big difference in Tamilnadu politics.

    What I suggest is - All the big celebrity film stars (Vijaykant, Kamal Hasan, Rajni, Vijay, SaradKumar) intending to join politics should merge together and launch a new party and stand on one platform and contest elections. This would help to uproot the AIADMK and DMK. But the egoistic filmstars won't think about it.

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    This is one of the headlines of all news channels that the superstar Rajinikanth has decided not to enter politics. Rajinikanth, who returned home after being discharged from the hospital, said that he now withdraws the decision to launch his party. That's true that the disease taught a lot. He also said that he will continue to work for the public. This decision is considered to be very important given the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

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    Rajinikanth is not getting good response from the people and already he is in a dilemma. Meanwhile, he has a health problem. Talikg this into consideration, I think he decided to stop going into the election.
    Politics is not his cup of tea. Tamilnadu people may get excited with his action and special feats in the movies. But that may not yield him votes. He should have a clear agenda and he should be able to convince the voters that he will do good to them. But Rajini not having any road map for his political journey. Before coming into politics he never tried to understand the mind of the people. That is the reason he was never successful and finally, he decided to opt out.

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    Moreover, Rajni wants to have Spiritual politics. What is spiritual politics? What can spirituality do in politics for the state/nation and the people? He has no set ideology to attract the mass. Such a politician won't survive for long..

    Probably, Mr Rajni had his BP increased due to the dilemma to decide whether cinema or politics. He cannot keep his legs apart in two boats and sail safely.

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    He may not win the election but if he fights in it then some votes would decrease for other alliances. It could be a substantial number also. So with the news of his not participating in election these alliances will be happy in their own ways. Rajnikanth is a well known and popular person in that region and his participation in the election can be dreadful for one of the alliances based on the distribution of voters.
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