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    Some other good effects of wearing mask compulsorily in outdoors

    Many people who have to wear mask for a longer time, as they are working in outdoors and especially those who are working in hospitals and other such places, are complaining that it is a bit suffocating and inconvenient to wear it for such a long hours. So, it is a problem of a sort that many of us are facing.
    On the other hand, senior citizens or elders who are occasionally going out for some time for walk or things like that are wearing the mask only for that limited time say about 1 hour per day and removing it once they reach their houses. Many of them who suffered from pollution and dust are now telling that they are feeling better after use of the mask outdoors. I talked to some elders and most of them are telling about this advantage of the masks that they have experienced during the recent times. Have you also noticed this thing in your locality or surroundings?
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    The author is right. Even when the corona epidemic did not come, my habit included that we used to go out of the house only after face wrapping from the stole while going out of the house. And now I have not experienced the particular change due to the habit of applying mask due to corona. But as the author said, there are all these great benefits, so I agree with this. The use of masks not only protects us from infection with viruses, etc., as well as protects the face from dust, etc. In this cold season, it also saves our skin from cold winds.

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    Mask is a very useful item and when one goes out it actually protects one from the pollution and dust particles which are instrumental in creating allergy and other problems in the susceptible people. About 2-3 years back in Delhi, there was so much pollution that people had to wear mask to protect themselves. Though today people are using it because of corona threat but it is otherwise a useful item.
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    Whether we agree or not wearing masks has become the compulsion for our own health and for the safeguard of others with whom we are conversing. The masks are playing very good during the peak winter as we are supposed to cover our nose and the mouth and that guards us from the severe winter conditions. As told by the author the vehicle pollution can be kept away with the wearing masks as compulsion. Moreover those who are face conscious and wants to look beautiful and handsome they have the compulsion to wear mask as the sun rays would not affect their large part of the face and thus not exposed.
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    Almost all people have left wearing mask as preventive measures from coronavirus. I still use mask but when I see that I am the only person who is wearing the mask appears an odd man out of all. What should I say when police personnel are also not wearing mask why the people should take care of it. It looks me too bad but what I can do byt keep mum.
    When the lockdown was on and police was catching the people who were not wearing mask, an advocate was stopped by police, he was not wearing a mask, coincidently the police officer who being on duty was also not wearing a mask. When the police officer asked the advocate why he was not wearing mask, he threw the same question on his face which he did not like to listen to, in return he slapped the advocate in the crowded market , the advocate reciprocated in the same way and he slapped him too. Now you may imagine, how the police reacted. The advocate was carried to police station and beaten by police. In the meantime a group of advocates who has already came in court compound when they came to know what had happened with their colleague rushed to police station, police was not ready to release him but when magistrate interfered in the matter he was released.

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    True. People who are wearing masks throughout the day are feeling a lot of inconveniences. Especially people who want to communicate with others are feeling a lot of inconveniences. But these inconveniences are to be withstood otherwise they are more prone to diseases.
    The masks will help us in many ways. The pollution in the atmosphere will be doing less harm to the people who are wearing masks when they are going out. That way many people expressed their happiness. I used to get cough very easily when I go out to the areas where pollution is high. But from the lost 9 months, I have no symptoms of cough. This is due to noting going many times and using a mask without fail when I was outside. This is definitely due to the mask only.

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