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    Move closer to nature with every dawn of your life.

    Every day we start our new life with a new dawn, a life whose existence is the result of this nature. Poems emanate from the souls of many poets, enchanted by the beauty of nature. In fact, there is a very deep connection between humans and nature. The two complement each other.

    We swear in our Vedas to conserve nature - 'O Mother Earth, whatever I take from you today will be as much as you can reproduce, I will never hurt your heart or your life force. ' As long as the man kept this promise made with nature, he was happy and prosperous, but as soon as it has encroached, subversive and disruptive forms of nature emerged. There were inundation and earthquakes, poisonous gases dissolved in the environment, man's life was reduced. The earth started craving for water every single drop, but this global warming did not become a matter of concern for us.

    Most importantly, everyone has their own importance in nature. A small insect is also useful for nature, while in the Matsyapurana a tree is described as a hundred sons. That is why we have an eternal tradition of worshiping trees. It has been said in the Puranas that a man who plants new trees flourishes in heaven for the same number of years, the number of years his trees grow. The biggest feature of nature is that it does not consume its own things.

    By feeling nature with every dawn and giving importance to its benevolence, we have to fulfill our duty to be nature's child, therefore we can say that the existence of human life reverberates in the lap of nature.

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    Well said. It is our duty to protect nature and we should never damage nature for our selfish motives. When we have concern for nature, definitely nature will also come to our rescue. We don't know that if we plant a tree here we may go to heaven and enjoy the life there. But we know a tree planted by us will give fresh air to all of us and that will make us live happily here. A tree will serve for many years. Initially, for a year or two, you take care of it afterwords it will help you in many ways. So it is very essential that we should move closure to nature.
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    A good message by the author about preservation and sustenance of nature. Man is the main factor that brings harm to nature. Man is eliminating fauna and flora by destroying habitats of wild animals destroying flora by deforestation. We are sacrificing our nature for the sake of creating concrete jungle.
    We are to save our nature. If our nature is destroyed our existence will face a serious danger.

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    Humans have a great responsibility of conserving the nature because humans only are benefited by nature so much in comparison to other animals. It is our prime duty not only to exist in nature but co-exist with it. It is now not important as what the nature is giving us, more important is what we are returning to it. We have to live with nature and make it clean and conducive to a good living. Nowadays awareness has increased in this regard and we have to make the new generation more aware about living with nature in excellent harmony and the nature will give us everything what we want.
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    I appreciate author in reminding us that our ancient Vedas have emphasised on environmental conservation.
    Many people feel that environmental conservation s a new phenomenon. Sanaatana Dharma has considred every item in nature as a Devata or divine.. That is, our ancestors from time immemorial had known the significance of nature conservation and protection and for that they ascribed divinity to it.
    A very simple quote from Atharva Veda " Maata Bhoomi, putroham Prithivyah" meaning, ' Earth is my mother, I am her son.'
    'Bhoomi Sooktam' is of Salutation to the Earth (Bhoomi) considering her as Divine Mother, but containing many scientifc truths rendered in a poetic and divine mode.

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