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    Some morning habits are very important.

    We have often seen that people, especially young children who get up late in the morning, spend their day in disorder. Either they will feel lazy all day or they will not concentrate on any work. The habit of checking some mobiles immediately after waking up in the morning is also seen nowadays, which is very harmful because in this way your whole day will depend only on your messages.

    One must do some work after waking up in the morning like the first thing to be done is to arrange your bed, which very few people do. If you keep arrangements around you in the morning, then your whole day will be systematic.

    Apart from this, things which should not be done at all in the morning, reading mobile, TV, or paper. Reading the paper is a good habit, but make sure that you get it only when you free from the routine tasks in the morning. One should try and wake up as soon as possible, it is good for your health.

    After waking up, make a habit to give time to yourself, God, and nature then you will feel positive changes in your life.
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    The author is right on target. It's become the habit of most of the people to see mobile as the start of their day. This is not a good habit. Most of us are indifferent to use their time in healthy manner. We destroy our time with mobile. Whatever I spend my time on mobile is utterly dedicated to ISC. After a day or two I visit Facebook to check latest updates. Rest I watch a videos of my favourite YouTube news channels and that's it.

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    Getting up early in the morning is a very good habit. A student should get up early and study for an hour or so. That will give a chance to the student to understand the subject fast and remember it for long. Spending more time on the phone early morning is nothing but wasting precious time. All depends on the parents and the elders in the house. If the parents get up early and make the children also get up early, the children will get habituated to this. My mother used to get up at 4.30 AM and she used to make me get up by 5 AM.
    The time is very precious and that too, to students it is very precious. They have to utilise their time properly and see that they get accustomed to good habits. Another issue is that many students waste their time in chit-chatting with other people. This is a waste of time.

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    Mornings normally expected to become a good dawn to everybody. There are some systems followed by each one while getting up from the bed. Some people I used to see whether work is there or not they are out of bed by 5.00 am. It is good to follow rather than lying in the bed even after 7.00 am.
    Many people rub their both palm and and see their palm first immediately after opening their eyes in the morning. Some used to see Mirror, some have God pictures.
    Consuming coffee or tea in the early morning is inevitable in most of us. It is told on one way that the glucose level in our body normally got reduced to some extent due to our sleep. To enrich the level it was practiced in the first coffee or tea taken with normal sugar. But it is the thing I also want to stress in case of diabetic to have a coffee or tea with slight sugar in the first morning.

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    Early to bed and early to raise is the old golden saying and very few follow this and they tend to be very cheerful, most talented and even show the way and means to others. Those who get up early, they have huge time to plan the day by allotting priorities and therefore there cannot be misses nor setbacks. When one gets up early in the morning the freshness of the day is felt all along and that positive vibes is also felt by the others. In Tamil Nadu most of the house holds get up by 5 am, clean their fore court of the house and even do the Rangoli when others are having nice sleep. And those who get up early not only maintain good health , the morning breeze is more important for our health and that would have lasting effect on our oxygen in take. And those who forgo the morning sleep are the great winners in life.
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