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    Mercy is right or wrong for every beggar.

    Often some beggar comes to my house or almost everyone's house, and we mostly give something to them, sometimes some food item or sometimes some money. But is every beggar worthy?

    Many times a boy comes to my house to beg, which will be around 25 to 30 years of age, not more or less. I always get angry seeing him because he is healthier and fit, so if he wants, he can generate income by working hard but he does not do so. I never like to give him money, but many times the most elders in my house say that if someone comes to the door of the house to beg, do not refuse him. I do not agree with the elders of my house in this matter, but still, sometimes I feel compelled by the elders and have to obey them.

    I believe this method is wrong, begging can be a compulsion of a person but nowadays people are making it business which is completely wrong.
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    A local beggar of our town visits every Thursday for begging when we asked him how much he earned per day. First, he laughted and asked us the reason of asking about his income then he told more or less Rs 1000/- per day. He visits to nearby villages and cities for begging. It's his ancestral profession. But now a days new generation of beggars of family are not interested in begging. He told us and said that they are doing some work as begging is an insult for their honour.

    I agree with the author that some young people unnecessarily beg but despite knowing such a beggar I also prefer to help him with money or food because if someone comes at my threshold should not be returned empty handed. Sometimes, genuine needy person is deprived of his help in case I stop helping them.
    We never miss a chance to help if the beggar is an Oldman .

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    There are some beggars earning respectable amount of money say Rs 1000/- daily but despite this their lust to earn more never ends since they would not like to do any other job other than begging. In fact, begging is not an easy job, one approaches four people but only one can oblige with some paltry. One does not mind any bad words, insults or taunting remarks. One is habituated with such filthy remarks. We should definitely come out with generous help for the beggars being old including women and such sections of beggars deficient in some parts of the bodies. They need our help to sustain their lives but such groups being young and healthy should be discouraged to adopt this profession.

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    Begging is the easiest profession and no problems are involved. But when the beggar is old or has some other problems which make them unsuitable for working, they may go for that. But people who are hale and healthy should not go for such activity.
    There is a temple near our house. There two or three beggars will be there. They are old and they can't do any work. So people give them some money for their living. Like this, persons who have no way to earn should be shown some mercy and we should donate them.
    But people who have the energy to work and earn should not be encouraged. We need not show any mercy on such people. We should tell them that they are many ways to live and begging is not correct for them. Especially young people should not be encouraged to get into this profession.

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    Begging is a good profession to survive. It doesn't need any investment except a begging bowl. Even a bowl is not required. One can fold his hand and beg, open his hand to take, and put the money in pockets.
    Though I don't like to see people with good health begging, I don't deny them. I made it a practice to give them one or two or five rupees (not more than that). If anyone who is a real poor beggar really hungry and wants food, I would give them food from home or take them to a hotel and offer them food. I don't give cash to them.

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    A country can be said as developed only if there are no beggars in it. If we can provide some job to everyone then people will not go for begging. So Govt and public both have a great responsibility in this matter. Govt has to devise methods to generate employment and public should not entertain the beggars. With this composite effort only some solution can emerge in this issue.
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    In Tamil there is a saying,'paathiram arinthu pichchai idu' which means the offering to beggars too by selecting, There are persons who really in need of something. Aged people are there who are coming at our entrance for getting some food etc.,
    In Matunga, Mumbai, I have seen a person was eating tiffin in the morning opposite to me. On his completion, the server automatically kept a bag containing four idlis and sambar. I surprised to see that as the server was informed earlier for the parcel. Casually I saw outside when he going out, he offered the packed tiffin to the beggar person sitting on the roadside. Then when I completed my breakfast the server told that that person daily took tiffin in that hotel and offering food to that person.
    To the contrary, I faced a different situation. Once I and my wife were waiting at New Delhi railway Station for our next train to Beas, by getting down from Tamil Nadu Express. We saw an aged beggar on the platform side, and took pity on him my wife took four chapatis with side dish and offered to the old man. He, really a beggar, just stared on her and threw out the chapatis on the track and gone to other side. We just remembered the saying in Tamil.

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