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    Mamata Banerjee's road show with Tagore's picture

    Mamata Banerjee Chief Minister of West Bengal walked in with a picture of Tagore at the Trinamool Congress roadshow in Bolpur yesterday. The video went viral on social media. From this, what political trick does Mamatha mean by this?
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    A debate is going on saying outsider against Mamata. Now Mamata wanted to convey the people in Bengal that she is not an outsider but belongs to Bengal only. So her roadshow is more a show of West Bengal culture more than politics. Folk artists, Dhakis, Kirtaniyas and tribals dancers participated in this roadshow.
    We know that recently Amit Shah came to Visva-Bharti, the birthplace of Tagore and paid tributes to him. He listened to the songs written on Tagore.
    The politics in West Bengal are focusing on Bolpur-Santiniketan ahead of the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections. PM Modi gave a virtual speech on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of Visva-Bharati University.
    I think to counter them and show her concern and respect for this great man she is holding a portrait of Tagore.

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    One thing is clearly felt by Mamta that her days are nearing to be over and she would sit in the opposition bench. The way BJP has been targeting the popular faces of Trinamool the message is clear for the Didi that she should mend the ways to keep the party and cadre in the days to come. When the root leaders of any party gets disillusioned for one reason or the other, the party gets hugely affected. In WB the party cadres of both BJP and TMC are the loggerheads even on small issues and there is a fear among low rank leaders that they would be attacked with political vengeance and this should be understood by the Didi. By parading with the image of Tagore, she wants to convey her firmness to deal with any kind of situation and creating confidence to her leaders but on the other hand BJP is on poaching spree.
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    Politics is a dirty game. Power-hungry politicians don't care about morality in politics. They can go to any extent for the sake of power. Democratic values are being stampeded. Coming under the shelter of R.N.Tagore is merely a political trick of both parties to attract voters because Tagore has been a respectable personality for Bengalis.

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