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    One more proof to prove there is no age limit for learning a thing

    Recently I read in the Tamil Newspapers that Shri Srinivasa Achariyar, aged 86 years, a writer on Spiritual Subjects, living in the Mandaiveli of Chennai, Tamilnadu proved that there is no age limit to learn a thing. He basically a temple priest but scholar in Tamil and Sanskrit. In the free hours available to him after temple pooja, he wrote books on the subjects of Poojas to be done in Temples and houses. He wrote 16 books. He learnt computer by his own and typed his scripts by his own without having any assistant to him. By spending more and more hours in his computer, he continue his service to the spiritual society.
    This was came in Tamil Newspapers and magazines. Recently our Prime Minister took this matter in his 'mann ki baatth' and told proudly about him and his efforts.
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    There is no age limit for learning. No man is perfect with complete education and knowledge. In Tamil, it is said " Karrathu Kai Mannalavu - Kallaathathu Ulagalavu " which means what we learned is only a fistful, what we did not learn is world size. It depends upon the person's interest. Generally, people get tired in their old age and wish to relax and pass time peacefully without any physical and mental strain. There are very few who learn during their old age. We can take the example of Dr. M Karunanidhi who was writing until his death after crossing his 90.
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    Yes, it is said that age is no barrier for learning. There are examples like that. So, if there is a will there is a way even in the old age. Some elders have health problems and cannot exert much in their old age and cannot work themselves and become dependent on others. So, we cannot expect from them to be as efficient as like these remarkable examples around us. Anyway, it is a commendable thing to have such a spirit in old age.
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    True, there is no end and no age to learning. it is never too late to learn. The treasure of knowledge in this world is so vast that one cannot attain complete knowledge in one life, so always learning something new is the right way to live life. Some people feel hesitant in this task and do not learn even though they want, they think the world will laugh at them. But this thinking is wrong. Whenever a person can learn whatever he wants, it is only necessary to have the passion and passion to learn. Some people are always waiting for opportunities and the right time, it is also not right. At any point in life, we ??can learn anything.

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    I have read about a100 year old student. His name is Bholaram Das. He lives in Guwahati. He has been a teacher, a lawyer, a judge and now back to being a student - has just enrolled for his doctorate, perhaps becoming India's oldest university student.
    Das has got admission in a PhD programme at the Guwahati University in Assam.
    He said: "There is no age limit for acquiring knowledge. I had a very fulfilling 100 years, having been a teacher, dabbled with politics by joining the Congress party way back in 1945, became a lawyer, then a magistrate, and retired as a judge in 1971,".

    Das was jailed when he was just 19 during the freedom movement against British rule. He spent two months in prison before he graduated in the commerce stream and later went to study law.
    Aided by a walking stick, Das is still agile and loves watching cricket matches on television, besides being an avid reader.
    With five sons and a daughter, 10 grandchildren, and a great-grandchild, Das is a contented man.

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    Yes, age is not the barrier for learning. If we have a quest for any thing it will encourage us to go ahead. It is our wrong notion that advancement of age restricts us to sustain our learning activities. This theory does not support the exceptional contributions made by some noted personalities such as the great poet and novelist late Rabindra Nath Tagore taking up learning of paintings in his late seventies and his ultimate creations were really amazing. Dr. M. Karunanidhi continued his write ups until his death at the ripe age of 90.
    Hence there is no specific age for undertaking a new venture and any age is the right age for learning.

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information as some senior citizens would not sit idle and they keep on exploring things and bring new matters to the fore and what Srinivasa Acharyar has done is very interesting and unusual and thus earned the praise of even PM on his Man Ki Bhath program. i have seen many seniors who would not sit idle and keep on doing things. One of my relative who is more than 80 years has cut the bamboo and made the desi cot with the threads woven by him. The cot was made so lovely and it can with stand any weight and thus I appreciated the old man very much.
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    True. Age may not be a hindrance for the people who wanted to learn new subjects and aspects. Recently we have seen in newspapers that a lady who crossed her 90th year written 10th class examinations and passed. No many people who are in their 60s are learning computer and operating on their own. If we have a will to learn we can do it. I left Telugu grammar after my 10th class. But I have a desire to write some Telugu poems. Recently I started writing poems. I have written almost 200 poems. Now I am thinking of getting a book printed.
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    There are senior citizens who do PG or PhD even in that age. So, if there is a desire to learn age is no barrier. There are some young people who have no interest in learning and though their age is conducive for it they are not bothered. So, age is not a criterion.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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