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    Sweet memories of the year- 2020......

    For us, the beginning of 2020 was as interesting as its end. I am not only talking about the corona epidemic here, but I am talking about the whole 1 year of our life. I agree that this year is starting and ending with the advent of the Corona, but still this year we have had some good times in our lives, today this discussion is about those good memories.

    In our life, we create many memories day by day and now when the year is ending we should thank our God and Universe for those happy moments or memories. I also have many sweet memories of this year, which I will always remember but one of them that changed my life and my life routine, that, by joining as a member of ISC in July 2020, I took a new path towards my writing. Where I got to learn a lot and I am sure to will keep learning.

    I hope that there will be a big change or event in the lives of other members too, which will be the reason for remembering 2020. I would like to mention again, we do not include the epidemic in this discussion.
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    I don't have sweet memories as such that may shared on the forum. 2020 was not fornsweet memories. Another thing memories are personal issues, therefore, personal memories may or may not be shared on the open forum. It depends upon members whether or not they would like to share some sweet memorable moments in the board.

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    2020 is an unforgettable year in my life. Due to pandemic, lockdown and restricted movements, my expenditure came down drastically and I could save something by avoiding unnecessary expenditure. Especially, I could save a lot from conveyance and vehicle fuel.

    From the savings and the prize money I earned through ISC, I wish to spend a few thousand rupees to my dear fellow forum members by way of presenting simple gifts to them. My fellow ISCians who can dare to share their postal address can send a PM to me. It would be a pleasure and sweeter for you and me, and to remember SuN and 2020.

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    There is no sweet memories for this year as the negatives are more and positives are less. But what is the great factor that we all came out winner even in the challenging situation year for that we have to pat our own back. And the way the children adjusted to the crisis and helped the parents is also one more great challenge every one has tackled more evenly. And the way the elders were taken care off during the work from home was the welcome aspect. Every one was stay put in the home and thus paved way for close bonding with the members and also the variety of home foods were being habituated and getting rid of junk food from outside is the great change everyone has felt. Above all our savings also increased as we stopped unnecessary purchases and sticking to most wanted things and therefore that is a real positive.
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    This year did not prove to a sensational one though personally I have seen some of close relatives of mine enjoying promotions including my daughter being elevated to the post of Vice President in a software company. This news provided me some sort of happiness in the mid year. Other than this, nothing amused me. However, due to my restricted movements, my petrol expenses reduced drastically and on that front, there I could substantially.
    Bitter part experienced this year was less interaction with the friends due to my confinement in my residence and chatting with the mobile for a long period is not pleasurable to me due to lack of personal presence of such friends.
    Retrenchment of some of our known circles, keeping most of the kids on the online classes due to this pandemic, closure of hotels etc were also witnessed.
    Hence except one or two things, this year appeared to very disappointing to me.

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    2020 will be leaving us by leaving all bad memories behind us only. Nothing very sweet. But one important thing that happened is my second daughter in law is conceived and she is going to deliver in the year 2021. That is one sweet news in our house. Another important development is my elder son got a new job with a very good hike in salary. His new posting is in Bangalore. We are all together in Hyderabad. But now he has to move to Bangalore. But we all know that career is very important. Luckily now in the new office also working from home is going on and it will continue till mid-2021. After that, he may have to shift his family to Bangalore.
    In our house also expenses came down as we have to know the chance to go out and eat. No chance to go on tours. No movies. All these things put together the expenses in the family reduced. But life is very mild during the year as I am very much fond of touring on official as well as personal works.

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