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    Dawn and Dusk are vulnerable for enemy attack

    Do you know that dawn and dusk are vulnerable to enemy attack? It is said that the enemy will choose to attack the enemies during the dawn or dusk hours. It is because of the dim visibility conditions persisting during the dawn and dusk.

    An Interesting story to narrate.
    When King Hiranya sought boons from Lord Shiva, he got a boon that he cannot be killed either during the day or during the night, neither inside the home nor outside the home, neither by a human nor by an animal, neither on the ground nor on the air. He wanted to be immortal

    The King was anti-Vishnu. To kill him, when Lord Vishnu appeared from a pillar to kill Hiranya, he took the avatar of Narasimman (Human body and Lion's head). The time chosen was dawn. The place selected was at the entrance. The lord held him on his lap and killed him.

    This is my entry for TOW award on Dawn
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    The author has rightly connected the tow topic with that our soldiers activities in the border which is always vulnerable during the dawn and dusk time of the day. Normally the troops would be retreating to their barracks and very few would be present at the border or front line and that would give enemy the chance to bounce back with renewed attack. But our soldiers are keeping vigil and there is no question of any rest or respite and thus we are not giving any chance to the enemies to attack at their will and wish. But we should not underestimate the enemies as they are bent upon to create challenges.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In past when soldiers would fight during the day they would never fight after the evening time. However, there are several murder stories related to kings which often occurred during the night as Macbeth was killed in the night or Julius Ceaser was killed. But I am not aware of enemy soldiers would attack each other at dawn or dusk.

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    That is how the Avatar of Vishnu came into light. Dawn is neither a day nor a night. This is just the transition time. Generally, the drivers also prefer driving the vehicle in the night. But they stop very early in the morning and sleep for some time so that they will get refreshed. Otherwise, chances during dawn for accidents are high. A good thread form the author connecting the mythological story with the topic for TOW contest.
    Generally, the attacks may not happen during dusk or dawn. They will be during daytime only. But some times there may be attacks in nights also.

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    Interesting story presented by the author. The demon was killed at the right time fulfilling the condition. Sometimes some evil entities deserve such punishment.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author has elegantly connected this thread with the Mythology Story. We all heard the story of Hiranyakashyap from childhood, how he made many attempts to kill his son Prahlad, who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, one of which was also done by Holika in which Prahlada was safe and in the same occasion we celebrating the festival of Holi with the hope that victory of good over evil. But the manner in which the author linked the end of life of Hiranyakashyap with this TOW contest is quite commendable.

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