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    Slavery is the biggest form of suppression

    Slavery is the biggest enemy of people. It leaves them without dignity and honour; chops right to express freely and restricts free movement. It blocks communication and stops every possible way to cut the voices of the oppressed people. People face humiliation and are treated like animals. Rights violation become more rampant and people struggle to see a glimpse of justice in slavery.
    Slavery is such a black scar that makes people helpless for every grain of food. Under slavery, people become a killing fodder without discrimination and a testing lab to check the status of arms and ammunition.
    I strongly oppose even the slightest form of slavery that dehumanises a person and snatches rights of people. Why should people accept slavery which kills them without any reason or disrespects the sentiments of people? So, always oppose slavery and struggle for a dignified life.
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    The slavery is usually present in the rural India and in United AP also the slavery was present especially in the rural areas where in the rural folks would borrow money from the landlords and big people of the village and they could not return the money. Thus either their land is kept as the mortgage till they returned back their money with interest or they would ask the small children to work as bonded labor for the life without even paying any salary and in Telugu they are called the Jeetagadu. Many of the poor have actually donated their small children for the cause and thus there is none to fight for this cause. It is the fact that even Dr Ambedkar came across the slavery system of those days and duly opposed it but he was silenced by his family members to keep quiet otherwise they would be discarded by the society.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has pointed out about slavery quite explicitly. Slavery was banned a long time ago but if this kind of slavery, as the author has depicted still exists somewhere, I think it's a matter of concern that:
    .They have no dignity
    .They have no rights
    .They are deprived of sufficient food
    .They are treated like animals
    .They have no voice
    .They have no free movement
    .They have no justice
    .They are indiscriminately killed

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    The author is right, even today there is slavery in many places. Some people who have the capacity to speak their words, who are not living as slaves. What do they say, do they appear to say anything new. Something that can help change our style of thinking. Everything is going on as it is done for many years, which is also a kind of slavery. Who will change what is always there, asking new questions, talking about new thinking, etc. is not the same thing as going into space, but it has been made just like that. There is no new idea, which is running, just walking on it like that is also a form of slavery. It is a matter of honor that no way of breathing has been disclosed in public, otherwise, if someone could have breathed a little more, then we do not know if it would have told them that atheists, destroyers of tradition.

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    It is unfortunate. In this advanced era also we see the existence of slavery. There is a good change but still, in some parts of the country this is existing I hear.
    In olden days poor people used to borrow money from rich people and they have to pay a heavy rate of interest on money they borrowed. So they used to work in these rich people's house life long. But slowly conditions changed. We rarely see such cases. But in some interior places of Telangana, we hear some cases.
    The author very clearly mentioned all the ill effects and there should be no second opinion to any person on this issue. As per law, it is a crime.
    If any unfortunate people are suffering let us help them to come out of such a position by informing the police and education the people who are suffering.

    always confident

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