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    Do you have a Keyboard at home?

    Dear Members,
    Music is one such thing that helps us to forget our worries. More than listening, it would be nice to sing or play a musical instrument. I wanted to learn music in my childhood, but I did not get an opportunity to learn any musical instruments. I like to play Harmonium. I have seen the Keyboards that accommodates most of the musical instruments like Harmonium, violin, guitar, percussions, etc. I have an old harmonium.

    Better late than never. Apart from ISC working, I wish to spend my time in learning a musical instrument. I feel that a Keyboard of a reasonable cost would help me to learn good music.

    I wish to know from our dear members whether they have any keyboard at home, and if they have, How good it is? what is the brand, size, and price? What do you recommend?
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    This thread reminds me of my childhood. You won't believe it, SuN Sir, but my situation was also like the same. I too was very fond of learning music since childhood and I started learning music in 2nd class in Bharatkhande Vidyalaya for a few days but after some days when my father shifted to another city due to his job transfer and I have to stop my music class. After going to another city, my parents did not give much importance to my music love so they do not provide me any music class. I also did not force them as I was too young. And then my dream of learning music could not be fulfilled. My grandfather has a harmonium but he was very strict and not allow us to touch his harmonium, but now when he understands my passion for music so he allows me to use it. I take it often and learn some music through YouTube etc.

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    I have seen the electronic key board from Casio and the music it can play is of westerner as well as Indian and thus it is the gift to those who are the music learner and lovers. Two of my relatives were having and whenever I used to go there, I would try my hand on that and try to play some tunes. The instrument is so lovely and vast as we can create own tunes, mix and match and even improvise the existing tunes. Most of the music learners are going to love this instrument because it is very user friendly and there need not be any tutorial needed and within few days one can tune perfect notes on own. One thing is sure, music plays important role in our life and if we know the playing of any instrument or the other, that would be added advantage and it will not only create good ambience and also induce us to think further.
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    I also have an electronic keybord of Casio. I have a passion of singing and have learn "Shastriya Sangeet" too during school time as our music teacher was an expert.

    My wife is expert in playing tabla and has got a certificate during school time. I too like you wanted to learn harmonium but could never do it ever.


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    Dear Sanjeev,
    Glad to know that you are having an electronic keyboard of Casio. It would be nice if you give the description of the Casio you have. What Casio brand, the model number, the number of keys, its sound, the facilities available, its cost, source of purchase etc. I am very serious about buying one Casio/Yamaha for me.

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    Music is very good for making us feel happy and fresh. The music will make even animals also happy. A child crying will stop and start smiling if hears music. It is a good author who wanted to learn now. It is true that better late than never. I wish he will start learning music in the new year 2021.
    I don't have any keyboard in our house. My elder daughter in law plays the violin. So she purchased a Violin and some times she plays on that. My son purchased this Violin for about Rs.10000/-. He purchased it 4 or 5 years back. What will be the present cost is not known.

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