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    Customer relationship and customer ratainship

    For any company the growth on daily basis is most important and they would like to add new customers for sure. And it is also the fact that the existing customers has to be retained and we need to get regular orders in future also and for that good relationship with customer is the hall mark and that can be achieved through best product service, best after service and attending to customer even there is no order and wishing them all through the festivals and exchanging pleasantries on important occasions and increase the bonding.
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    For every business entity customer-company relationship is highly important and also it's essential for the progress of the company. When the company employees give better results and more business , they have better future in the company. When the services are excellent and satisfactory for customers they may continue taking services of the company in future too but once they found themselves skeptical about the company they will immediately leave it.

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    The after sales service is very important to retain the customers.
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    The author is right. It is very important for any company to maintain a customer relationship, whether the business is small or big, in both cases the relationship with the customer is important. More important than that, if you start with one customer, it is important to stay tied with it. Marketing is possible only if you have an attachment with your customer and trust in you.

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    Getting a new customer is important. At the same time retaining the existing customers is also a very important factor. There is no doubt. If we last a customer means we have lost the faith of a customer. He may spread bad about the product or the company to others also through his word of mouth. That means you are losing some new customers also. If you retain a customer, he can tell good about the company and the product, then chances are better for you to get a new customer also. After-sales service is an important issue which attracts the people and make them loyal to the company and the product.
    In any marketing team, there will be two departments one is marketing and the other is customer relations wing. This wing will play an important role in retaining existing customers.

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    It is said that the customer is the most important person for any business house and those who can satisfy their customers and create new customers will stay in business for long.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    To remain in the business there are certain policies to be persued to woo the customers such as reliability of the products sold by them, satisfaction of the customers, after sales service and redressing their issues in case of arising any technical issue after the sales.
    At the same time, customers should be encouraged to write reviews regarding the products purchased by them.
    These are the important considerations to attract the customers and any slackness in this regard will weaken their popularity and the business houses would not like the existing customers to loose apart from including the new base through eye catching advertisements.

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