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    We would wait for better days

    If you talk to any person they would vent lots of woes and challenges having faced and they want a break from the happenings and wants to lead the happy life without fear and doubts. We have been living with hopes and trust that the coming days would be more rewarding and no challenges at all. Let all the people live happily as the life was battered to the hilt and a change would be great break every one is expecting. Cutting across the people everyone wants a good life ahead without asking for anything. We would wait for better days.
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    The author has told the truth. Every one of us has to make countless efforts to make our life happy and always does. Just as we keep looking for our happiness and good times, so do other people in the world. Therefore, we should have an honesty about our actions and should not harm others. One of the best ways to be happy yourself is to let others be happy and let them live their lives accordingly. No matter how difficult it is today, we hope that the time ahead will be good from this time and this thinking and hope is the identity of the optimistic people.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Life is a never unending process of ups and downs. Merely hoping for great and better future without any challenges can be taken as a dream and dream is not necessarily may come true.
    Every moment in life is unexpected. What a package of happiness or sorrow, hope or despair, construction or destruction it carries for us is concealed in the womb of time until the moment of its happening occurs it remains a matter of curiosity.
    Let us have a positive aspect of every issue even in an untoward situation. Positive thinking brings much of life changes. We can't imagine utopia which is merely an imaginative world the author has dreamed about.
    We are real and we have to live a real life. Life is beautiful, it unfolds new mysteries which have their own charming realities that enchant us to see them, feel them and live them.

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    The hope and faith only will make us live on this earth. Always we will faith in God and we will always believe that comings times are good only. That is how we are leading our life here. The moment we feel that no good is going to happen we feel like retiring from our lives.
    We have seen so many unusual happening so far in the year 2020. But we are all progressing with the hope that 2021 will be good for all of us.
    The hope that we will have tomorrow will only make us live today.

    always confident

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    Hope is the biggest thing in our lives and we must have hope for the good future. Sometimes our present might be sad and torn with difficulties and challenges but it does not mean that it will remain like that for ever. We will do our best to cope up with this and solve these problems in best possible manner.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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