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    Small or big work, team work has its good value

    In the house or office, if we collectively do the work the success is ahead. I have seen a roadside dosa stall in Nampalli, Hyderabad in which a team of persons were preparing dosas and another set of persons were supplying to the customers. The preparation itself is nice to see. Normally a good crowd of customers can be found there. Earning is different but collectively working towards a goal is important.

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    If people have no job they have to take some other business activities to earn money. It may be done as a group also as the author has told about.
    Nowadays a difficult situation is prevalent all over the country what people can do but such activities. It's a good sign of this group to earn money and meet their expenses.
    Also, I see young boys are doing some menial jobs to replace their unemployment. We should involve ourselves in some healthy commercial activities. It gives us money as well as experience. We shouldn't shy from doing any respectable work despite it looks a menial job though but it's much better than doing nothing or loitering around aimlessly.

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    Anywhere definitely a team can deliver the things better than an individual. This is proved time and again and there is no second opinion on this. I have seen the benefits of this team many times. Even business done by a group of people will flourish. But the problem comes only when the business becomes big and in sharing the profits problems will start. As long as all the team members follow team ethics and work towards a goal, there will be no problem and always we will see benefits only.
    But some selfish people try to avoid work and see that the team members will suffer. If one person is not working all other people will get pressurised. Here the role of team leader comes in and plays an important role. He has to see that all the members will work as per the work allocated to them and the fruits of the works should be given to all as per their roles and responsibilities.

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    Many companies and organisations give much importance to team building and group dynamics. This helps tremendously in the growth and progress of the company. This is applicable everywhere whether it is a family affair or small business. Team building is one of the foremost requirement of a successful and progressive enterprise.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It has always been said that there is power in unity. And it has also been proved right in various aspects of life. Unity enhances our efficiency. Great organizations have reached heights only after the contribution of many people. Many times we are also capable as a single person but it increases our strength when we are with others.

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