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    If you want to change your destiny, change your own actions.

    There will be very little that the script that we write, life goes on exactly like that. Since childhood, we have learned and heard that everything that is happening in our life is happening at the will of God. One more thing was heard from childhood - the result of karma. There are two arguments. The one that is happening is happening at the will of God. The second is the result of my actions. Which of the two is correct. Some of our actions are very good, some are average, and in between, we mess something up. If our actions are not equal, then our fate may not be the same. That whatever is happening is the result of my karma. So next time whenever something happens and the mind will say why this happens to me, the finger is not going up. The finger has to go on its own. This is the law of life. If I do such a thing that calms the mind of another, then peace is also written in my destiny.
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    I believe in destiny but I focus on doings. What predestined is for us is unknown. Keeping on thinking about destiny will stop us doing some constructive and career making activities. Destiny is kind of a secret matter which is beyond our perception and senses as all paranormal matters can't be comprehended. Why should we worry about predestined happenings as they are beyond our control, so we should keep patience and keep on sticking to our doings and fruitful activities.
    Almighty God has written our destiny, if we supplicate and do good doings which pleases Him he can change our mishappenjngs too. I tell you one secret of a happy life. It is very simple and you can experience it too. Be obedient to your parents, never hurt them and serve them like a slave and second thing is to help poor if you are in a position to help them and see the result.

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    Can we change our destiny? I don't know? Maybe? But we should not leave everything to destiny. We have to do our best and we have to see that we will have happy times. That is more important. From our side, we should not leave any stone unturned for making our works successful. Even after that sometime we may not be successful. Many people leave this at this stage thinking that that is destiny. But a few try to amend themselves, study the whole issue and try to do amendments wherever required. In such attempts, we may be successful or we may be not. But there is nothing wrong in trying as many times as possible based on the importance of the issue. Qualifying in an examination is important for progress. So we will try hard and see that we will complete the course and get qualified. But some people try their best. They may not complete. So they may leave. Some people may change their subjects and go for new qualifications. Whatever action we take may
    always confident

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