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This thread has won a special prize in the topic based TOW contest for Dec '20.
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    Towards new dawn: Welcome 2021

    Dawn or morning twilight is the brand new beginning. It checks in after long-lasting hours of the scary night which seems never-ending. Those who get frightened and surrender during these points in time are at a loss as they miss out on an angelic morning. Those who are patient know that there is for sure an escape for them out of the darkness and will get to witness the next day. The crack of the dawn is the marvellous time to begin anything as the dawn itself is the beginning of the day.

    The year 2020 has not been encouraging in many different ways to the majority of the people. It has been like a never-ending year where many have suffered emotionally, physically and financially. Many have lost near and dear ones. Many got estranged and parted from their families. It has been like a petrifying night. Thus, everyone wants it to get over and are enthusiastically waiting for the arrival of 2021.

    Tomorrow is the commencement of the new calendar year 2021. Let's plan and implement our plans well. There should not be another 2020 in our lives. Let us take precautions for that. Let us not delay and take the first step at the crack of dawn. Our life is a manifestation of our thoughts and actions. Whatever we think, we become. Let us plan for good health, wealth, happiness and peace. Let us work hard that world once again becomes a better place for everyone to live and progress.

    It is my entry forTOW contest- Dawn.
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    Yes. It is agreed that 2020 is bitter for many of us. We know the value of sweet when we taste some times chillies also. So we have now tasted the bitterness and we will look for some happiness in the coming year. 2021 is a few hours away and we all are eagerly waiting for the good things that will be brought by the new year. The author is successful in connecting the new year and the month-end thread of the week topic. A good submission. I hope all are already made their wishlist for the new year and hope all the wishes will be fulfilled.
    always confident

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    Every moment that goes by is now taking us away from 2020 and moving towards 2021. Hopefully, the coming new year brings happiness and positive changes in the lives of all of us. Whatever we have lost in 2020, we will get more than that in 2021. This is the way of life because time never stops, but it keeps moving ahead of itself. With this hope give a good farewell to 2020 and welcome to 2021. In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, most of the people have decided to celebrate the new year sitting at home. I hope everyone will welcome the new year at home.

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    A straight post using the keyword in its popular meaning and usage.
    The thread becomes relevant in the background of Year 2020 being an year of pandemic and suffering.
    Let us hope every dawn in the year 2021 brings health and happiness to people.

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