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    Did you invest in in any of these 6 Franklin Templeton mutual funds?

    It is hoped that those who invest in mutual funds are keeping track of their investments and the happenings of the fund house that manages them.

    There has been a big hullabaloo over Franklin Templeton shutting 6 of its six debt mutual fund schemes in April this year. The case went to the Supreme Court and Franklin Templeton was directed to take the votes of unitholders whether to close them or re-open them. This e-voting took place a few days ago, the result of which has to be submitted to the Court which will be resuming the hearing in January. Due to the e-voting, the closing of these funds is back in the news.

    This thread is basically an alert for unitholders of those 6 funds who are not aware of the issues stated above and may have ignored any possible intimations via email or SMS. The six funds are-
    1. Franklin India Low Duration Fund
    2. Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund
    3. Franklin India Credit Risk Fund
    4. Franklin India Short Term Income Plan
    5. Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund
    6. Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund

    The notification is also there at the official website of the fund house and you can look up the news on what effect the closing of theses funds has had on unitholders, especially senior citizens, who are understandably upset about the proceedings.
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    Thanks for the information. I have no investments in these six Franklin Templeton mutual funds. I have my investments in HDFC mutual funds and ICICI mutual funds. I hope there is no problem in those two mutual funds.
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    Good information. Thank God, I did not invest any money in those Franklin Templeton mutual funds. The name Franklin itself suggests a foreign name in India. I won't go for it. In the past, I have invested a few thousand rupees in UTI, and I am not able to find out the present position of my fund. Struggling. No one could assist me. I feel I am at loss.
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