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    Lets work for the dawn of a new era where only love will always win

    We have a now heavily divided world where international politics has its own implications for international economics, particularly in the poorer nations of Asia and Africa. As one of the most important nations in this bloc, with the remarkably high rate of industrialization and modernization, and a rock-solid culture of cooperation that extends far beyond religious boundaries, India is well poised to extend a big hand to global cooperation and meaningful co-existence that can make a big difference to the world at large.

    As citizens of India, we need to make a firm resolve to spread the message of love. We have hundreds of success stories where love has stolen a march across all barriers. As a society, we have time and again demonstrated a resolve to love all human beings and not just members of one religion.

    Even if there is a narrative that seeks to divide us, the people, on religious lines, as a bigger mass of people, we need to break all shackles and emerge as one nation where love for all will rule at any point in time. Floods, war, famine, and distress in one part of India have always seen help pouring over from all parts of India. We just need leaders who can consolidate on the thousands of baby steps taken by individuals and organizations. Yes. Small drops do make an ocean, however small those drops are.

    Let us begin this year 2021 with this message of love Every baby step that we take will make a big difference on a cumulative basis.

    This is my entry for the TOW contest on "dawn"
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    Good message from th other. Showing love and affection towards others irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and nationality is the greatest gift we can give to all others. There is a common factor among all of us that is we are human beings. So we all should be the ambassadors of Love and we should spread this message across all the sections of society. There may be differences in our thoughts and other issues. But we should keep all of them aside and love all people as they are our fellow human beings. I think the author utilised the word given nicely and spread a good message among all the members that love is very important.
    always confident

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    I endorse the hope and wish of the thread author of hoping dawn of a new era.

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    Thoughts of the author are praiseworthy about India and what we have to do and what we expect from our leaders and what he has said about the world I agree with him. But one thing should be kept in mind that India's plus point is that it has a large population which provides a vast scope of business for developed countries. They want to sell their products and India being a large country gives them a large number of customers whereas in other Asian countries their population is not very high. So they focus on the Indian market than other countries. China is larger than India in population and area but it is one of the biggest exporters of local-made-products, so these countries do not have bright chances to market their products there. However, several countries invested their money in China because their labour laws favour industrialists and they produce/manufacture their products and sell in other countries but due to coronavirus most of the foreign investors are leaving China but they are not coming in India to invest their money in the Indian market. It looks strange. They want to sell their product in the Indian market but hesitant to carry out the investment.

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