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    Food is the base of a healthy life.

    People do a lot to cure the disease but why do not do anything to avoid the disease. Many times people have seen that they are aware of what kind of food can harm them, but still when it comes to eating such food, then the people become negligent and sometimes the result is quite bad for their health.

    If food is not eaten according to our taste but according to our health, then many diseases can be eliminated from society because most of the diseases have come into existence due to the wrong diet. Your food is the base of your healthy life and only you can strengthen this base of yourself.
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    Food is important for our lives and without it we cannot survive and that is an established fact. But for good health it also matters as what type of food we take. There are some foods which are good for our health like vegetables, milk, whole grains etc. At the same time there are oily and spicy junk foods which are harmful for our health. People who are concious of their health will go for healthy food.
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    Eat healthy food and be stong and happy is to be the sayings of elders and they have proven during their life that they ate good food of pure varieties and stayed healthy and even lived for many years and some elders crossed century of age. It is the fact that we are getting adulterated and semi pure items and we try to live within the same available quality and boast of good health. Gone are the days when our parents used have the cows and buffaloes and we used to be fed with pure milk, pure curd, pure butter and pure ghee. Now we cannot expect such arrangements and what ever items we are getting through the packed format are not pure and just fooling us with quality and description about it. Nevertheless the future seems to be more bleak as our children may not get the right food at all and they are at the risk of having more bad quality.
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    There are many temptations and indulgences in human lives and taste is one of the prominent one. If we do not spice up our food then many people will not take it with so much interest. A boiled chicken has few takers but a Murg-Mussalam attracts so many to its charm and flavour. Ordinary cooked food without oil is seen as the food of the ill persons and has few takers. On the other hand the junk food is very popular among masses and many hawkers are getting employment because of that. Chinese and Italian foods have created a niche market for them in India because of the characteristic flavours and spices they contain. Momos are a quick sellers because of that oriental kick in them. So, basically there are no takers for healthy and good food and no restaurant will dare to serve it. But we can as individuals try to control our indulgences and cravings for the junk foods by sheer discipline and control on our taste and attractions towards them.
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    Nobody can disagree with the author. Food is essential thing for our survival on this planet. To keep us fit and healthy food is necessarily be taken on time. The author has emphasised to taking healthy food only. She is against to take such food that might harm our health. But women are mostly involved in taking such type of food like spicy food. Spice is not good for health and despite knowing it they take it. Men are also involved in consuming harmful- health- food. Nobody can be blamed for it because this tongue which demands Tasty and delicious food to taste. What a person can do except the inner voice of his heart.

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    One of my uncles was a sugar patient. He was fond of sweets. So he used to eat sweets and daily get an injection of insulin. He suffered a lot in his last days and on the bed for about 2 years. Even during that period also he used to quarrel with his family members for sweets. This is the best example to understand how food habits will make people suffer.
    We all know that prevention is always better than cure. So we should go for good food habits and see that we will not get any health problems. Eating as required and eating healthy food will keep us away from the doctor. The main contribution to health problems will only come from the food we eat only.
    My father is 88 years now. He is not having any major health problems. He is very rigid about his food habits. If the doctor says you should not eat this food, he will never even smell that food. He can manage his works on his own at this age also.

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    Many life style diseases originate from our bad food habits. Cholesterol issue, elevation of sugar levels or hypertension are some of the diseases resulting from excess consumption of junk foods. In the young age, to some extent this disorders are manageable but it may take its chronic form if such habits are not controlled. If we look at the the food patterns of the people living 50 years back, we could observe how seriously they were managing their food styles. They abstained from taking their foods in the hotels and home made contained enough nutrients. They were in the habit of adding some amount of cow ghee in their vegetable soups and lentils. The last item after their dinner was a glass of pure cow milk. Apart from taking such healthy items, they avoided the unnecessary stress in their lives. Hence the combined effect of such routine was their longevity keeping the disease at bays.

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