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    New normal resolution of 2021

    2021 is the successive year of the new normal. Time has changed at a rapid pace. This year we have to take proactive approach to be safe and to keep other's safe and also we need to be more productive in order to be a better version of our old self. So, this upcoming year, I have made list of courses such as anger management courses, article writing, soft skills buildup, english pronounciation, hairstyle course, makeup course, body language enhancement course, public speaking course, weight gain course and many more. I have thought of reading atmost 10 books and watch atmost 10 movies in this year. Every year, I have noticed people take oath and make big promises to change themselves but by the end of few months, the resolution is completely discarded and people start living each day as they used to be in the preceding year with no change or any kind. So, I think and I believe that we must now make effective goals instead of making big promises. It's not mandatory to complete all of them but we must make an effort to do something new to learn something and enhance our scope of knowledge to a wide extent.
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    New year is a time to make resolutions for betterment in our lives. There are many things which are in our minds and which we want to undertake during the new year. This is the time to take a strong determination and will to complete new things which so far we were simply thinking.
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    Every year when the new year comes we are forced and practiced to take new resolutions much to the surprise and non believe of others as all through the years we are indifferent and only on the eve of new year we get into thought process of changing ourselves at least for the others cause. One thing is sure even without the new normal resolutions the new year would be gifted and going for many as we have suffered a lot and some are not recovering from the debts and challenges of the past few months. Nevertheless the new year should rekindle a ray of hope for all and at least small favors should be achieved.
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    We all take a new resolution with every new year and try to complete our resolution this year. But this does not always happen. The main reason for this is that people think about big things, which cannot be completed suddenly. But resolution can also be some small change, which helps us positively by bringing it to life. If you are unable to take a resolution, then you can entrust yourself with a simple task that will not cause misery for others, it is a very easy and simple task but it will have a strong effect on the life of other people as well as you.

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    New Year resolutions have no stability or firmness. Disciplined people who believe in taking resolutions don't wait for new year eve they are serious about their life. They take their decisions on right time. Also I used to take some stupid decisions or resolutions on new year eve but they did not last long. Once I used smoke cigarette a lot. I don't remember which exact year it was. Anyways, I decided to curb smoking cigarette and This resolution was maintained for a long period of two days. On third day my friend offered me a cigarette as normally we used to share. I replied him that I had taken a resolution to quit smoking. I would not take it any longer. He insisted to have one two or puff , that's it. However, I reluctantly took his cigarette as I did not want to break his heart ? Not breaking his heart was the greatest and most genuine pretext for me. I just carried half of the cigarette and later it was against the manners to not offer him any cigarette because I had already smoked his cigarette. So I had no option but to buy two cigarettes for the sake of paying his debts of cigarette back. Moreover, it was not fair to buy only one cigarette so I purchased two for each of us and I had to take puff for his sake. After all friends are my asset.

    Don't you think how stupid pretext I put before you ?

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    Resolutions, as it is said, are made to be broken. But I hope you will stick to your resolution (not said but indicated by this thread after a long time) of getting back to ISC pages actively.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    I have no habit of making any resolutions so far for any new year. So I have no say on this. This year also I have not made any special resolutions.
    One of my friends used to say I took a resolution to stop smoking from tomorrow. Whenever we ask him about this he used to say my resolution is to stop from tomorrow. That tomorrow will never come. Like this many people make resolutions very conveniently so that there is no necessity of breaking them.

    always confident

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    It's good to see your plans for this year and I hope you will be able to successfully execute most of them, if not all. The problem with many of us is we make a list during the beginning of a year or towards the end of the previous year and keep that list safely in such a place that we forget to check it once in a while. Along with making plans/resolutions, we need to write them down and check the list frequently to find out how much we progressed. If we do not do that, it's not going to stay in our mind for a long time and it will be business as usual. It's a kind of self-assessment and the more frequent you assess yourself, the better.

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