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    Deeper understanding of in laws family pave way for good living

    Most of the new marriages are culminating into long bonding, thanks to the arrangement of such marriages with deep discussions and consultations between the bride and groom side and thus there is give and take arrangement on all issues. Further it would be more easy for the daughter in law to cope up when she knows every members of the in laws house and their preferences and likes. That way she can get adjusted and adored by all of them and that would further increase the bonding at the husband house and she would feel more comfortable than her own house.
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    A good understanding between the in-laws and other family members will help the girl to lead a happy life. But at the same time, the other people also should cooperate with her and help her in establishing herself in inlaw's house. Any issue between them can be sorted out amicably. But any deviation from any one of the two sides will be lead to strained relations.
    Mainly the relation between the mother in law and the daughter in law makes a lot of difference in the family. As long as both of them are having an adjustment nature, the life of the males in that house will be peaceful. If there is any difference of opinion between will lead to many issues in the house.
    A two-way attempt from both sides is desirable in all the house. In fact, the role of the mother in law will be more crucial than the role of the newly coming daughter in law.

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    This is a perpetual topic but every time we discuss it we get new ideas and fresh air around us. The daughter in law enters a new house where she has to adjust. So it is imperative that good relations between the two families and clear relations in terms of money and material have to be there. The girl would feel comfortable under such an understanding. The girl has to adjust but we have to welcome her and make comfortable. How many of us are really doing that? There are many reasons why a girl cannot adjust in a new surrounding but the fact is that until the both sides are equally responsible and cordial nothing good is going to happen in that relation.
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