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    How do you utilize your valuable earnings from ISC site?

    ISC website provides a platform for its members to contribute various things through its various sections and also helps to earn small amounts through their contribution. The earning capacity of members will increase with their quality contributions. We can utilize these small valuable earnings to buy various things to serve our needs. In addition to this, if we earn through Adsense of this site it is an additional benefit for us. I used these small earnings for my various needs. I used them for buying various articles, in addition to paying bills, sometimes buying fruits and vegetables, etc. The Adsense earnings that I got last time I used for buying a Laptop as an additional amount. In the future, I am thinking of buying useful articles for our daily needs online on a monthly basis so that we can remember the usefulness of our earnings for a long time. Members, what is your way of utilizing your earnings at ISC.
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    I am holding a separate account for ISC earnings. Whenever I need money, I would withdraw from that account and recoup whenever I get money in hand. As of now, all my earnings from ISC are safe in the Bank. I would like to spend some sum on presenting gifts to my fellow ISCians. In one of the thread responses, I have requested members to share their postal address to enable me to despatch my gifts through post. So far, no one volunteered. Waiting.

    Members are welcome to share their postal address to receive my gifts.

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    By the way it is not the windfall we are getting to get adjusted with the various expenses we incur every month and recoup with ISC earnings. The amount got from ISC get into the savings pool and that some total is added every month and that goes for house budget slated for it. But the big amount through the adsense earnings can matter to us because we would be getting nearly 7000 to 8000 rupees based on the exchange rate of that day. This time my adsense amount was used for the purchase of Deepavali dresses to all family members and that came so timely. But there are members who are using the ISC amount more wisely as stated by Sun. One thing is sure, what ever be the amount it does comes as the reward for our taking out time and creative writing which brings in money from ISC no matter it may be even 600 rupees.
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    I agree with the author that ISC provides us points and cash for every contribution which is commendable. I have not spent much time joining here, so I have not spent any amount whatever I have got till now. But when my earning is saved in a reasonable amount, then I will think about it. But even then, I would like to spend this money on buying any material or anything which is related to my writing work.

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    ISC earning is a part time earning and is like a pocket money that we have earned through creative participation so we should spend it for some good cause. I feel so like helping someone who is needy and other such genuine case.
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    I have no Adsense account and there is no income from there. The money I get from ISC is not kept separately and I have only one bank account and all my income will come into that account only. So I never treat this money separately. But the amount I got may be equal to the amount I am donating every month to various causes. In the year2020 I got about Rs.18000/- from ISC and I donated for various cause some amount which is a little more than the amount what I earned here. That way I feel happy that I am utilising this money for a good cause.
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