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    Haryana local body elections

    In local body elections in Haryana BJP and JJP alliance has been defeated quite comprehensively. 7 Nagar Nigam, 3 Nagar Palika and 1 Nagar Parishad elections were held. In which only 2 places Panchkula and Rewari seats were won by BJP , rest all seats were lost. Either Congress or others won seats. Big setback for BJP is that it could not win urban area also which is considered as its stronghold. But there is no news in media about these elections. When local body elections were held in J&K and Hyderabad media gave full coverage to those news but about Haryana elections we see a big silence. It's not fair.
    News analysts are of opinion that this defeat is due to on going farmer protest in Delhi. BJP is a highly powerful party it will surely come back in the next assembly and centre elections as winner but in these elections farmers are angry with BJP. So BJP could not win farmers' support.
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    I do agree that local body elections does not bear big mention on national media because the polls are fought with local candidates and local issues and even the results would be baffling as some Independents would also win for the name and services rendered. Though the BJP and its allies had suffered the set back to the civic body polls in Haryana the same party created history in Hyderabad civil polls held recently when it was having just two divisions in its favor last tme and now had scored 49 divisions nearly achieving the success much to the surprise of TRS which undermined the BJP getting strong after the saffron party won the by election to assembly in Dubbaka. So when urban voters are with BJP in Hyderabad it is not so in Haryana. Probably the farm stir and the vengeance of it might have had the impact.
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    When the party celebrated the victories in Hyderabad local body elections, they should definitely analyse the reasons for defeat in Haryana local body elections. Why media is silent on this is not known. 2 years back in the same State in some local body elections BJP did well. But this time the performance is not good. The main reason may be the struggle of farmers. The local think tank of the party should get into the details and should take up damage control measures. That is more important now.
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    Politics is a very strange game and many times people take advantage out of something which appears very simple or useless. Today in our country there is a good population of anti national elements and also disgruntled people and strangely many of them are disgruntled lot either because not getting a job or are not capable of getting a job. They all will assemble and start agitation against the ruling party on some pretext. Here one thing we have to note is that these people are not against BJP but are against the establishment. They do not want to be servant of another body as their intent is to rule and make others servant under them. So this is the tug of war and we are simply thinking in terms of BJP or Congress.
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