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    Do you agree for contributing to birthday celebrations of co-employees

    In a big company or office, there would be lots of employees and if the facility has the factory and head office together then there would be not less than 300 employees. And having so many workers and many of them being close and having rapport the birthday celebrations do happen and the contribution from each employee has become the must practice to gift a formidable product to the birthday employee. Invariably in a month there are five to 10 celebrations and even more and for the ordinary earning person the contribution seems to be high and not liked.
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    Actually official functions should be restricted to days of national importance and farewell of the superannuating employees or welcome of the new entrants. It could be a volunteering get-to-gather also once in a while but linking them to birth days is not a good practice. Birthday is a personal and individual matter and the person can celebrate it separately and invite the friends, colleagues, and relatives to his house. Observing and celebrating it in office is somewhat a wrong concept but some people are too keen and obsessed for celebrating them in office. Likewise many people celebrate some religious rituals in office like Puja and such worshipping session. That also is to be avoided. These are personal things and have to be taken up in ones own house as per ones culture and tradition. Office is a place to work as per the needs and objectives of the organisations and it has nothing to do with the birthdays and marriage anniversaries of the people.
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    It is natural for the employees working in the office to have emotional attachment due to working together for about 8 to 10 hours, but it cannot be understood that everyone would like to celebrate his/her birthday in the office like family birthday, etc. I also agree that it is appropriate to celebrate some special day in the office, but not the birthday, etc. because it is a personal celebration which depends on the person's own self-determination as to what the person wants on their special day maybe he/she would like to celebrate a birthday with family only or with no one. Apart from that when any sort of celebration is conducted in-office, management asks for a contribution from other employees which is also a personal discussion of employees and no organization can force them to country.

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    That all depends. Recently we have a discussion on a gift to the boss on his birthday. There is no rule that one has to contribute. In some companies, the management itself will give a greeting card and a flower to the employee on his/her birthday. If the friends want to give a gift or wants to cut a cake they will organise the same.
    In my career, I have never seen all the people contributing to the birthday of each and every employee of the company. Department wise they will do these parties. The employee who celebrates his birthday will host a party and the people attending may come with a gift. This is how it was happening in the company where I worked for a long time.

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    On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with celebrating somebody's birthday in the office. It does create camaraderie and some light-hearted moments. What is important is not forcing anyone to contribute towards the gift and/or snacks. There are people who may seemingly be earning well, but on the personal front quietly putting away savings for the education of a child or for household expenses. For them, even Rs.10/- would be too much. I recall that at my place of work, initially, we were buying gifts for each other as it was fun and the person who's birthday it was would order food from a nearby hotel for everyone or would bring some samosas and potato chips (this was not considered mandatory, though). After a few years, we collectively decided to stop the practice of gifts altogether.

    It is also a good thing if an employee makes it clear to all at the outset that he/she does not wish to celebrate a birthday and nobody should buy gifts or arrange a party inside the office or outside.

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    I won't appreciate this practice of employees numbering over 300 celebrating birthday in their workspace, and members contributing for the celebration.
    I would still appreciate if it was an employees marriage (not anniversary) for which all the 300 can contribute to present a gift to the newly married employee.

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