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    Decluttering - is it a source of happiness?

    We have a tendency of accumulating so many items in our houses which of course are rarely useful. They might not be used regularly but required occasionally may be once in a blue moon. But just because one fine day a particular item would be useful we preserve it for a long time only to find that it did not work when needed because it got rusted or was not in a good shape. It happens so many times in our households. Then there are some sentimental aspects due to which we keep certain things in our closet for a long time. With this tendency we usually end up with a large clutter in the house and that is said to be a reason for unnecessary stress in our lives as we will be searching for the things but end up finding some clutter here and there in our houses. Experts suggest that getting rid of clutter brings positivity and one feels as if a burden has been removed from ones head. Do you also feel like that?
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    This is a nice thread initiated by the author and those goes with every home in respect of cleaning and still find junk materials which are used for once but kept as stand by but never gets into operation for its obsolete and worn of nature. The other day we were cleaning the house and found that my daughter and son notes of school years were present because they scored good marks and good remarks from the teacher and my wife wants to preserve it. No matter they have excelled in each subject and each exam and for that matter we cannot pile up the unwanted notes as we always have the progress reports on hand that makes sense. Like wise many items we keep on piling up and even when the ultimate day of cleaning comes, we try to keep such things which seems to be memorabilia or something like that.
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    I agree with the author. Often during Diwali, there is a definite discussion about whether things should be kept and whether it should be given out of the house or give it to someone who can use it properly. At home, it is often elders said that take care of things, it is very ancient, that we know how we bought it at that time, such things reflect their feelings which we understand. But as the author has said, it happens many times that the old things which we save for a particular festival, but when the time comes, they are not available or workable. Taking care of some special things makes sense with emotional attachment, but it is not useful to keep every little thing. Earlier, we used to keep many electronic items at our house, but at the time of need, they did not do that work. That is why we understood that some things have to be kept not all.
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    Generally, women of house take this responsibility to remove all mess and unusable items and put everything in order at their respective place. Some special items which our memories are attached with are difficult to be removed. We have beautiful memories with them and remind us something heart touching events. I never discard ancestral items which have inherited to me. I have some small things which are ancestral residues. I keep them safely like specs of my parents, handwritten letters, diary of my brother; a book of my great grandfather. Book of poems of my grandfather etc

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    The requirement of a particular item may not be lost long. We used to carry plastic cool kegs with us when we go on tours and used to fill them with cold water. But now we started purchasing so-called mineral water bottles. So there is no necessity of coll kegs now, We have three such kegs in our house. The other day we want to throw them out. But our servant maid wanted them and gave it to her. Like that over a period of time we will find many items in the house which are no more in service and it will be good if we clear such items from the house. We will be doing this activity periodically. If the item is still usable and if we feel we have excess in stock we will give it to my driver or our servant maid. Otherwise, we will throw them in the waste.
    Every time we do that we will find some items which are not required any more. This is one way of shedding unnecessary items accumulated in the house. But I have seen some people who will like to keep those items also for long and they never throw them or give it to anybody.

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