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    Sowing hatred does no one no good

    Discussions with a wide variety of people, across many economic classes of people revealed a very interesting thing, at least in my home State of Tamil Nadu. One particular political party that has literally highjacked the high moral position of being the defender of Hindu majority people, are hated by most people, across all religions.

    The reason is simple. Hundreds of YouTube videos are now being circulated. The pathetic record of the local branch of this party is there for all to see. Tamil Nadu has got an ancient culture that transcends all religions. For example, it is very common to see hundreds of people belonging to a major minority religion, not only donating generously, but also taking part in festivals. And Hindus visit the abodes of worship of all religions and not just the temples.

    The more the rhetoric from the party, the more enemies it is creating day after day. The party has done nothing for the welfare of the common man in Tamil Nadu and those at the apex of the party are seen as bullies. The kind of hatred sought to be put into public domain against the particular minority cannot work in Tamil Nadu. Corrupt they may be. But the Dravidian parties have brought massive development in Tamil Nadu. At least in 2021, one only hopes the particular party understands it's short-sightedness and makes progress by embracing all religions and all people of the country.
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    Sowing hatred does not benefit , no you are wrong because from political point of view it polarise votors and in politics everything is fair. Every political party has a vote bank and how to attract new voters to their respective parties they use different slogans. Some parties use religion as their main weapon to win elections Some political parties use caste as their vote plank, some use region and some use language.

    I have heard several people saying that Election Commission is no more active as this constitutional body is supposed to be active. Can election commission give any guidelines to all political parties? I am sceptical about it.

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    As far as people are concerned we are seeing that they go together irrespective of their religion. I am a Hindu. Today morning some devotees came to my house and asked for some donation to do anna dana in a Darga near my house. I gave some amount as requested by them. Similarly, there are places where in the same campus there are two places of worshipping belonging to different religions. All the people go and visit those places without any problem. So the thing is that the Indian people are having no hatred for other religions.
    But some politicians are trying to create the difference. Some parties favour one religion and other parties favour another religion. In Andhra Pradesh, the ruling party is a favouring a particular religion. They started giving monthly remuneration priests of different religions differently. As long as the vote politics are there I think the can't be stopped. Only the political parties should understand this and stop creating differences between the people based on religions.

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    No party should sow the seeds of hatred in the public as that would harm the party itself. People understand the motive of all the parties behind their speeches whether it is with hatred or no hatred. The author says that different religions are coexisting nicely in the Southern states especially Tamil Nadu. I think they are also coexisting nicely in other places also because the conflicts and confrontations arise because of political reasons and not social reasons. The mention of development amid established corruption is everywhere in our country and that distinction does not go to Tamil Nadu only.
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