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    Let there be more regular jobs

    Someone up there in the corridors of power have wrongly dinned it into the ears of the great Modi and his Finance Minister that having any number of contract jobs in all industries, including the service industries, will facilitate " ease of doing business". This is as absurd as it gets. It is one of the most stupid decisions that has ever been taken.

    The hapless labor who are already exploited, are made to work for salaries that are a fraction of that paid to the more lucky regular workmen. "Fixed Term Employment" is the name of the game. Allow the guy to work for you and then dump him. Workers, engineers and diploma holders in engineering are treated in the same fashion. What happens? These poor souls cannot avail a single loan. The managers have the worst job on hand. It is the "Aaya Ram Gaya Ram" story day in and day out. After six months of experience, the person will naturally look for a better job. With disastrous results. This does not solve any problem.

    Let our Prime Minister solve this problem by encouraging organized industry to take on regular rolls, the same people after 36 months of service. Yes. We can understand if perks such as LTA or even Bonus are cut. But not regular employment. The key to success of the consumption economy is to have more regular people on rolls. The present situation is pathetic. Even Axis Bank and HDFC Bank now employ girls mandated to call anyone to talk about personal loans. This happens since there are no takers for any type of loans. Have more regular employees and then the position will improve.
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    That is a problem with contract workers. We don't know who will come today and who will be coming for tomorrow. There may be a big problem for the shop floor supervisors to see that quality of the product be maintained. The training required is to be given to more people than required. It is very difficult to get good people, particularly for skill works.
    Another law is also there which says equal pay for the same work. If the contract worker is doing a similar job as a regular worker and maintains quality and quantity, he should be paid the same remuneration. I know many issues raised by many people on this basis. If that rule is also made strict and followed correctly a contract worker will also get the same salary for the days he worked. But many management will not follow this and the contract workers union also will not pay attention to this.
    As per the factory act, regular jobs involving production and related works should not be allotted to contract workers in AP and Telangana. But I don't know any amendment these days to that law.

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    Contract working is somehow not a very encouraging way of employment generation. Regular employment is always a better option. In our country there is so much anomaly between the earnings of Govt servants and private servants and contract labourers. This anomaly is there since 1947 and is not created by the present Govt. This anomaly has to be reduced by some drastic changes in the Govt policies. No Govt whether state or central would touch this as the Govt employees will be angry on any such move by the Govt. The question is who will bell the cat? Once you pay high salary to the Govt staff then it is not possible to reduce it as it becomes their right to get that. Moreover the corruption money that some of them are earning is an icing on the cake. So they are enjoying and contract workers are struggling and suffering.
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