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    Working hard from dawn to dusk for livelihood.

    Many of us are lucky enough to have at least food to eat, clothes to wear and house to live in. The good deeds done by our elders might have helped us with these comforts in our life. We should be happy with what we have and pay our respects to God for giving us His blessings. Let us continue the good deeds done by our elders so that our next generations will also have His blessings.

    There are many people who are not able to have two square meals a day. Many days they have to sleep with the half-empty stomach. They don't even have a bedsheet to protect them from cold. They feel bad that they even could not give good clothes to their family members. There are many people like this and we feel pity when we see such people. They will be working from dawn to dusk to make some money to feed their family members. But some days they don't even get work to earn. They start their struggle from dawn and continue up to dusk but their efforts go in vain.

    It is unfortunate that crores of rupees are lying in the bank accounts of some people. But some people are suffering badly for their livelihood. The gap between the haves and have nots is increasing. There is no improvement in the lives of such people. Almost 7000 people a day are dying due to hunger in our country. India holds the rank of 103 on the Global Hunger Index.

    On this day, the new year day, let us take a pledge that we will help at least one family for their one-day food so that many such people will have a good meal every day.

    This is my entry for the contest Topic based Thread of the Week contest for Dec '20- topic- 'Dawn'.
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    Good post ! I agree with the author for his concern those pauper who are deprived of basic amenities. It is very unfortunate to think that our position in hunger index is not good. It is only the responsibility of government but also we are responsible for their painful condition. Many of them don't have warm clothes . How they face this cold wave is beyond imagination unless we spend some time as they do. We need to feel for them how painful condition they face in their daily life. They have no proper food arrangement. If we see such a person who need our help shouldn't hesitate helping him.

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    It is a very truthful narration about the poor and downtrodden who are struggling day and night for their two times meals. There are no easy jobs available in our country and employment situation is deteriorating due to many interconnected reasons. Most of the poor people are either working in private sops or companies with a small salary or doing some labor job in the construction sites which is of course a tough proposition. We have a large population which is in need of some work continuously for earning some regular money to survive in the tough world and everyone is not lucky enough to get some such sort of job. The rich and affluent should help the poor and other needy persons and that is a type of actually worshipping the God because God loves those who help the fellow human beings.
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    Even after doing a job from morning to evening people do not get enough money to support their family. This is a very pathetic condition. Rich and affluent people may not understand this as they do not bother for the poor. Somehow this attitude is not a good thing and as far as possible people should try to help the poor not simply by giving money or food but by providing help for getting a job.
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    It is a general rule for everyone looking to earn a livelihood for his or her family, without hard work, it's impossible. One has to leave the comfort of his home and work hard to make both ends meet. However, during covid, it has become even more perfidious to earn sustenance despite the hard work to look and earn some bucks to support family. People are still waiting to normalised the situation so they can work freely and without any restriction.

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    It is the fact that most of the private company employees are working dawn to dusk and they invariably spend 16 hours outside the house and hardly eight hours would remain in which they have to spend time with the family, children and also attend to other activities and thus many are having the sleep problem and they wont get in time makes the next day dull and fatigue. One thing is sure most of us are spending half of the working time even on the travel and that cannot be avoided owing to long distance between the office and the home. Nevertheless some have taken the task with great pride and they silent do the duties.
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    It is a good message given by the author through his post. This reminded me of one thing that we should all feel blessed and quit complaining. We should be grateful for everything we have and everyone we meet. Only then we will be able to live our lives with grace. Otherwise, we will keep complaining about everything. If we can help someone in some way, we should do that. If we can quench thirst and satisfy the hunger of poor people or help them in some way, we can do so much good for our society. Soon, we will become a nation where no one has slept hungry. There will always be an assurance that there is someone to help someone.

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    The author is right. Even today there are so many people in the world who work hard and hard from morning to evening so that they can arrange food for themselves and their families. These people have no place for words like savings because their income is only able to fulfill their need of one day. Some people have a lot of money, but many times they waste money unnecessarily for their status, If some of these people become aware, then they can be given nutritious food to some poor person and their family.

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    A very nice post. It does make a lot of sense to help someone at least to some extent so that the people who are not in good shape in terms of their economic status, will at least feel a lot more confident in the crisis period of the pandemic that is still around.

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    This thread brings some of my own experience. For many years in my carer days, I did not get to see rising Sun and setting Sun. As my flat was in the shadow of many nearby high rise buildings I never got to see sunrise from my home. In the evening I could return only after night starts. Residing in the west coast side city, even at beach we could not enjoy sunrise.

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