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    Who wakes up at the crack of dawn? Not me!

    There's the rooster with his red-crowned crest, prominently strutting around in the self-imposed role of announcing the arrival of dawn in a vociferous manner. There are the birds, excitedly twittering at the start of the new day. There are the people who need to greet the dawn as well, such as on farms and those in cities who need to get ready to deliver or pick up fruits, vegetables, flowers and other produce from the wholesale markets. There are mothers who wake up as quietly as possible to start the day's household chores while others in the family are still asleep. There are the early morning fitness enthusiasts who walk, stretch, bend, jog, run, cycle, perhaps do the Surya Namaskar.

    Dawn Sky
    [Image is taken from a hotel window in Baroda]

    Then there's me. I'm not a dawn-cracker. The only time I've got up to do so is when catching an early morning flight or train or bus for a trip or to attend a function; and, yes, to take the above photo. You see, I do like my beauty sleep. And you better not call me lazy! When I get up with my sleep properly complete in a self-satisfying way, I am up and about after the coffee-breakfast-newspaper combo, getting tasks done in a systematic way, perhaps stepping out to the market, and getting down to work at the laptop, no matter how late I am in doing so. Everyone who isn't a dawn-cracker is not necessarily a sloth, isn't it?

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    Interesting account by the author. I was also a late riser for a long time because I used to sleep late while attending some work in my computer or some clearing of paper work related to my office job especially during the tenure of my such office paper job which was much different than the usual technical work. So, I did not know how a rising Sun looked over the horizon and was not able to comprehend why people appreciated the morning time which was the end phase of nocturnal sleep for me. The situation changed when I got retired from my active service and as I used to go to sleep earlier I started to rise early in the morning and am available in the park outside my house at the crack of the down.
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    These days we don't even see rooster with his red-crowned crest, making noise early morning. Even the black crows which will fly over the trees waking up the people nearby are not seen early in the morning. This is a fact more so in semi-urban and urban areas.
    There is no necessity that all should get up at the crack of dawn. When there is a necessity only we get up. But some are habituated to get up early and complete their morning rituals early. I am a person in this category. I was regular traveller till the end of 2019. For catching the train in time always I used to get up very early. But the last one year, there are no travels by air or by train. So there is no necessity to get up very early.
    As age increases, we may not be able to sleep longer hours and we may get up early. But people who work very hard during the day time and people who go to bed very late may not be able to get up early and they may get up late.

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    Since my student days I have a habit of going early to sleep and naturally I get up early and I am well acquainted with all the glorious sites that are available in the dawn time. I do not know the reason but early morning brings a very calm and very happy feeling. It is so silent and soothing and if I miss it even for a day I feel it. Of course, it is an individual habit to get up early or late.
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    In my childhood, my father used to say that the early morning study helps to improve our memory power. Hence, I used to get up before dawn and study. Later when I joined a unit, for over a decade until my marriage, I was an early riser at 5.30 hrs. I used to get up with a devotional song 'Om Jai Jagdish Hare' sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Now I am a late riser and seldom see the sunrise. And I am always out during the dusk.
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    Well, I cannot help it. I have to get up at the crack of the dawn, in fact when it is still dark at 5:30 in the morning. Day in and day out, six days of the week, it is the same routine for me. These days, at 6:15, when I leave for office it is still dark and have to switch on the headlights. It kind of feels that I am driving to work at night and not in the morning. How I wish, I could get a little more sleep in the morning, but then there is no go, as ours is a factory and we have to reach office by 6:45. But one thing, the early morning hours are so calm and serene. Moreover, there is no traffic on the road. I simply play the FM while driving and at that hour they play some devotional music, which is so much soothing to the mind and soul.
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    The author has shared the pre dawn activities that normally goes on in the metros and cities and everything mentioned there are true and happening. The birds flying away from the nests, the rooster giving the wake up calll for the mankind to follow and adhere to the principle of time management, the morning cycle bell chime of milk vendor who makes the wee hour visit much to the annoy of other neighbors and house holds. and those who are morning walkers , they get ready to meet their regular friends and well wishers on the road or at the park and thus the daily chores are many to write.
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    Reading this thread reminds me of reading a story about Picasso.
    An young student showed a painting to Picasso and aske him to tell whether he has drawn about Sunrise or Sunset. The great artist replied 'sunset'. The boy was surprised. How did you answer so correctly.
    Picasso replied.' As you are a late riser you have never seen sunrise. So you can draw only about sunset'.
    Even today not all wake up before dawn.

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    Also I don't get up at astronomical dawn but I am able to rise before the sunrise and before the civil dawn comes to an end.
    But dawn is generally taken as the beginning of the day when light begins to appear in the sky but the darkness is still on the land. However, during month of our fasting (Ramdhan), we get up much before dawn and for the whole month, we feel the beauty of dawn.

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    A good note about early riser. Here We normally rise at 4 am as we need to have our breakfast from the mess before 5 am and leave to the site. Its the same for the weekdays but on Fridays I get-up at 7 and skip my breakfast from the mess. It's normal for every expatriate but get used to it in the long run. As mentioned by the author that every late riser are not sloth as every early riser are not brilliant but its the work or duty that make them follow or do it. A good take on the dawn in a lighter yet very true for some. Congratulations on winning the contest.
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