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    It's good to remember the dust philosophy....

    We will all depart from this world on any day and at any time. We would not be able to take with us even a bit of wealth with us then. We would be reduced to a small bundle of ashes that would be immersed in the nearest river by our son or some relative within 48 hours in most Hindu communities. Even in other religions, there could be something similar that would happen in terms of rites.

    All our egos, all our pride and all our arrogance would be reduced to nothing. This should remind us of only one thing-- be good to all, irrespective of caste or color or creed or religion or region or nation. We often hear fabulous stories of serious people who are highly social minded in the advanced countries. One is told that in restaurants in Germany, we cannot waste any food ordered by us; we should eat it all. The customer seated next to us would even call the police.

    We should take lessons from such examples. Corona virus has already taught us to become a little more responsible. We need to be highly responsible and do our duty. The dust philosophy should remind us of our duties every single day of our life on this earth.
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    True. The author is very correct. No one will come with you on your last journey and nothing will come with you. The wife will come up to the gate. Sons, relatives and friends may come up to burial ground. Then nobody will be with you. You came here alone and you go alone from here. Nothing you can carry with you. The great Alexander asked their people to keep his body in a coffin and asked them to see that both his hands will be exposed outside. The reason he mentioned that he wanted to tell the public that even the greatest king also has to go from here with empty hands.
    If we understand this philosophy we can understand the value of this life. For the little time, we live here let us be more responsible and try to help the needy and be happy during our life. Wasting resources, never understanding the feelings of others, not helping others and being selfish are no good for a responsible human being.

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    I fully agree with the author. Especially I liked his comments on wasting food. We have no right to waste the food that is provided by God. Every food grain has its value.

    At this time, I would like to remind Thiruvalluvar, the author of Thirukkural. He never wasted even a single food grain in his life. He used to ensure that his wife Vasuki keeps a water bowl with a needle while he dines. But he never used the water and needle on any day. Finally, while on death bed, Vasuki asked Valluvar,"Prabhu, May I know the reason for having a water bowl and needle while dining?". He said that the needle was to pick up the fallen morsel and the bowl of water is to clean it and then eat it." What philosophy and practice by Thiruvalluvar!

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    The author is absolutely right. I think if everybody starts thinking the way he has suggested all badness will be wiped away. We need to think over his suggestions. In today's world, we are too much after money and worldly gains that we forget to cogitate that one day we will go one by one from this world absolutely empty-handed. Nothing will accompany us except good deeds and then all the people will be called to book. Accountability will be scaled on that day and heaven or Hell will be an abode for each of us. Different religions may have a different concept of hereafter. But every religion unanimously teaches its followers to be a good human. Spread love, peace, harmony and brotherhood. Help all needy people regardless of which religion or caste a person belongs to, if someone needs our help we should extend our help to him. This is humanity.
    We should not waste food. Often, it's seen in marriage functions that guests waste much food. They have no sense of a good human being.
    The author has reminded us of the lockdown period. It's just horrible. I saw many people begging door to door for food and some money.

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    In our housing complex there are some ladies which collect the waste food and give it to the animals especially stray animals. Food is not available to these stray animals and this act of providing food to them is a very noble thing to do. Throwing food in the garbage is a crime. I would certainly vouch for this philosophy in this context that during our lives, we should not waste anything as there are many who do not have food for one time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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