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    Be with the people, speak for the people and then results will automatically come

    We have different types of political parties in our country. We also have philosophies built around personalities. Jothi Basu of the CPI(M) was one such towering personality. Unfortunately, his I'll health took him away from this world. What happened during his rule? He made the State of West Bengal surplus in power. He brought about real land reforms that benefitted the poor. He was so successful because he had a political philosophy grounded in communism and was successful in getting results based on the core communist philosophy. Kerala is another State where this model has often worked.

    Cut to the present in Tamil Nadu. A highly reluctant superstar called Rajnikant was sought to be used as a force to enter the State in a big way by a national party. When he announced that he would mention the name of his political party on the 31st of Dec, many State leaders of the party started talking as if they had already captured power in Tamil Nadu.

    The superstar has backed out. Today, the chamchas of the national party have egg on their face. They have done nothing for the masses. Every single word uttered has gone against them. Not on a single issue have they talked for the people. For example, the Supreme Court has said that the eight lane project between Salem and Chennai should be implemented. But at what cost? By destroying the livelihood of millions of people and farmers who have no other work to do.

    Unless parties and leaders work with people and their issues, they can never ever achieve anything.
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    I think communist parties are real secular parties. I have nothing to say about pseudo secularists. Secularism refers to the government which has no religious views. All religions are equal in the sight of the government. But communist parties don't have a good scope in India. They are losing their ground. They have become small parties which are not in a position to play a vital role in national politics.

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    Politics is all about the right pitch at the right time Those who know the pulse of the voters and expectations of the mass they are the winners irrespective they doing something in return or not. One thing is sure India is lacking good leaderships in many political parties and thus a vacuum has been created to believe that none can oppose a particular party which going on winning spree. People are not trusting those leaders who promise moon and does nothing.They want strong will power person who can take far reaching decisions for the betterment of the country. Why some past leaders were successful because they worked for their state first priorities and they won the heart of the voters in very terms and stand to win. But present leaders are earning for them and not caring the state first and thus facing the wrath.
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    It is very correct to say that leaders and political parties should see the need of the people of the country and consider their priorities and then only they will get a good support and response from them. At the same time leaders should not devise schemes for free distribution of food and goodies to the people as that will make them lazy and they will be expecting such things more and more from the ruling party. Today whichever party it is there ruling the state or country, there is a need for generating employment and job opportunities. So, a party has to think on those lines which is a long time solution to the problem of unemployment and occupation for the masses. Just talking tall and not doing the grass root things for the benefit of common masses will not be a successful strategy for any party in the country.
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    Jyothi Basu was a real good leader and under his leadership, the West Bengal State prospered in many ways. But unfortunately, the government in the centre when he was the Chief Minister of the State never supported him.
    There is no doubt that the leaders and political parties should keep the interest of the nation and the people in the first place always. Anything doing bad for the nation and the people should not be thought of by these people. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was one such politician who never compromised on the point that the nation and the people should be the first priority. So all parties should give paramount importance to this.
    Unfortunately, many parties in India feel that their party and power is more important for them than the nation. That attitude should change. Many parties give slogans and talks well but implementation is the point which is missing.

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