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    How you want to reach your financial goals in 2021?

    People got lot of setbacks in 2020 due to pandemic etc. For most of the people 2020 wasn't the good year in terms of finance and health terms. To make big gains, we need to take risk our time or our money etc.

    I want you members to make new goals in 2021 "financial goals" I want people to achieve something worth while in 2021. Goals can be 10,000 rs per month income or to increase your current income or something big money.

    In 2021 i want to make decent income online, twice of what an entry level IT professional makes in top it company in india.
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    It is always a good idea to increase ones income in the coming times. Everyone will like to have an increased income in their hands. But the fact is that the competition is also increasing in the job market whether it is physical job or online job. In fact online arena is much crowded and due to availability of the smartphone this has become very easy to access the online sites for some kind of the work which can fetch some money.
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    There are no special plans for me. I have some sources of income and I will be getting from those sources and there may not be any problem to carry on. If any new opportunities are coming, I will try to use them if I have time and the skills required. Otherwise, be happy with whatever I have and carry on. Thanks to God, fortunately, I have no financial problems last year and I hope this year also go on like that only.
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