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    Is there any technology to upgrade old computers like new ones?

    The desk top computer will continue to rule the world. In all manufacturing companies, there are hundreds of computers. We also have thousands of individuals who have such computers for their personal use.

    Like any other electronic gadget, these desktop computers also become old. One is not really sure what happens to e-waste. Instead, the old computers can really be gifted to the Government schools by the companies and individuals. This is already going on. What am not sure is whether these old computers can be made to work like new with the new software and all that, so that there is no e-waste problem at all?

    Since am not an IT expert, Members who know much about this may please respond with their views. If such technology is indeed available, kindly share details. Such information will enable me to request the Corporates to do something useful in this regard.
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    Nowadays there is a trend of use and throw and it is difficult to get the things repaired in the market. In the computer and mobile world this has become so common to replace the old one that people are not going for repairs. Old desktop computers can be repaired and put on use but the problem is many of the spare parts are now not available in he market. The repair shops are also taking out a part from some old computer and fitting it in the defected one to put it working but there is no continuous supply of spares for the old design desktop computers and the technology is fast changing and there is no other go except to throw the old things. In schools also, Govt or any agency is distributing new laptops and not the refurbished ones.
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    There are people who do repairs for this desktop computers and load new versions of software as required. I was having a desktop computer and used to for about 8 to 10 years. I know a person in Hyderabad who maintains these computers. I used to contact him and he used to come to do the required work. It worked well. After 10 years he said that maintaining further that equipment is not worth. I kept it like that for some days and later on the same person took it away free of cost.
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