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    Are you interested in any sports

    Sports are important for a better healthy lifestyle and it uplifts the spirit of an individual. It helps to understand the team spirit and develops confidence in players. For better health, sports are important. Be it cricket which is a great game of bat and ball along with 11 players lifting the spirit of the game and inviting a lot of crowds and become a source of revenue for concerned authorities.

    Similarly, football is also an amazing sport enthralling the audience with a captivating moment of play. It is one of the great sports in the world. It is amazing to watch the football match and enjoy great moments of it.

    Cricket, however, has become a glamorous sport and more people watch it.
    Other than the glamorous part, sports has some amazing health benefits which as should play for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I feel it is important to play sports for our benefit.

    Do you plAy any indoor or outdoor sports?
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    During the childhood and the youth times, we were having formidable cricket team and when my brother died and I was forced to go to Delhi, my cricket hobby fizzled out and thus cut off from that game playing wise. However this game has been my favorite even today but I keep low because it would kindle the old memories as most of the friends were also deserted the game and gone for working and settling in their lives. Occasionally I play the shuttle cock in the ground behind my house and thus I have not played any other sports or the games other than the above and my age is also not permitting.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Long back I had interest in Badminton and we played it in the evening and even participated in some local tournaments also. But with time somehow I could not keep that interest alive and now I am not in practice for the same. But it is very true that sports are not only a good pastime but also keep us active and energetic. There are so many benefits of sports in our lives and it is good to have a few of them in ones kitty.
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    Playing marbles(kanche) was my favourite game in childhood and my aim was always on target and I became so much expert in hitting others' marbles that my colleagues, friends stopped playing with me. It was full of fun. Later on I played cricket as normally every boy likes to play and besides cricket I played hockey, volleyball, badminton and table tennis as well. I learnt and played billiards also. And I noticed that most of the people of elite class don't know how to play billiards/snooker. I happened to see several young men who would gamble in billiards. They were really great players but they could not progress in this sport because they had no accessibility to any good club because this game is quite expensive.
    Now, I play mobile games only like chess.

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    When I was young, I used to play Cricket and football. I always felt cricket was an interesting game of big skill. No one can ever become successful without developing his or her skill properly in Cricket.

    Today, the IPL is one game I just love to watch. It is absolutely so exciting. There cannot be any second opinion here.

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    I was playing badminton during my school days and college days. I was active in Scouts and Guides moment during my high school studies. I received the President's scout certificate during school days. I used to play kabaddi also. But after high school, I stopped playing any sports. I played in interschool tournaments in district level in badminton for 3 years.
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    I like badminton games which I started playing from a very young age. I remember I was in 5th class when one of my relatives gifted me badminton on my birthday, after that, I started playing with my younger sister a few days and then with my friends. By the way, I still play badminton, but I am able to play less than before. I have never played badminton in a competition. But I have participated in the Khokho game from my school. If I will say about my favorite game, it's none other than badminton.
    Swati Sharma

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