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    Do you expect sweets and gifts on the new year day from office?

    Normally it is the practice at the offices that during the Deepavali the distribution of sweets along with bonus is the happening thing in any company. But there are some companies which want to keep their employees in good mood and to retain their presence for long time, every festival or the important date is celebrated and today my office has given sweet box to every employee and that added sweet to the new year first day and it also signaled that the rest of 364 days will be even sweeter and rewarding too. What is your comment on this ?
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    In some companies just to keep their employees happy and motivated they will do such sweet or chocolate distribution on the new year eve. But all companies do not adhere to it and some companies only celebrate such things during the days of national importance when there are cultural and other functions to celebrate that spirit. Some companies even distribute some token cash amount also.
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    In Hyderabad, many companies distribute sweets to their employees for Deepavali or Dussera. Some companies give a gift like a diary or a calendar on the new year day. Some companies do cake cutting and distribute the cake pieces to their employees. Some companies offer lunch on this day.
    The company I worked used to arrange lunch for all the employees of the Corporate office on January 1st. We were receiving a dairy and a pen on this day every year. They were distributing sweets for Deepavali in the office and Vijaya Dasami in the factory. I used to get sweets from the factory for Vijaya Dasami and sweets from the Corporate office on Deepavali Day. But on 1st January many suppliers used to come and give sweets and dairies. I used to distribute them to my colleagues.

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