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    At least this time they didn't forget to turn off the music!

    I am sure you are thinking about how one can forget to turn off the music and when I came across such a situation I was equally wondering. This particular incident came to my mind yesterday night when a group of young guys were playing loud music throughout the day which continued till very late at night.

    There is a delivery point of a popular online store near my house and the people working there were celebrating New Year's Eve since the morning yesterday. The music became louder as the day progressed and people staying nearby may have felt like tapping their feet to the tunes even from inside their homes. I have seen many of those guys were dancing in their office compound and the music continued for sometime after welcoming the New Year. I was wondering if the music continues till the morning what will happen. There is a reason for this type of thought because a few years ago a similar incident happened in my locality where the Puja organizers were playing loud music since the evening on the day of immersion of the idols. All of them were dancing and the music continued even after everyone left in the procession of immersion. Those who have an experience about the situation of immersion of idols, especially the processions, in Kolkata and West Bengal during the Pujas may guess the atmosphere. The music continued till very late at night until some residents went to the premises of the Puja to turn off the system. Actually, there was no one on the premises to turn off the system. Later, I got to know that the organizers, as well as the members, were so much engrossed in the festive spirit that they forgot to turn off the sound system and everybody left for the procession dancing to the tunes.
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    Sometimes it happens. In some places of worship, people put on the stereo and play songs and some talks etc. The tape will be going on but nobody will be hearing it and attending to it. In between, somebody will come and change the tape. So it will go on for a long time.
    In our village, there was a small Ramalayam. Those days gramophone records were very famous. One person used to come and start the mike and put on one gramophone record. That was a big record and may go up to one year. He used to go away and come after one year to change the record. Oneday one gramophone record track got spoiled and the needle is not moving but making movement in the groove farmed there. So the same words are getting repeated. The room is locked and we can't change that. We have to hear the same for about 45 minutes. Then that person came and changed the record.
    This is almost 45 years back and whenever all our family members meet we recollect this happening and will laugh.

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    Why people play music with a loud sound, I don't understand. It's not the matter of religious issues even for personal functions they play music in high pitch volume. They should think about people why other people should be left to undergo this inconvenience.

    People create inconvenience to other people because they assume that they are free to play loud music and it's their prerogative which nobody can challenge.

    All religious communities use loud sound when they organize any religious procession. The administration does not take any action against them.
    Covid 19 changed this system of a religious procession. But fear of coronavirus is almost over and life is coming back on track.

    It is the people who can stop this loud sound because loud music leaves a harmful effect on heart patients. Small children also begin to cry. We are helpless to tolerate loud music. I don't participate in such gathering or profession where loud music is played.

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