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    Urgent reforms are needed to stop influence of drugs in society

    Drugs are one of the biggest problems of mankind. What is really happening is that the drug menace is capturing the minds of millions of youth in the urban areas.

    Those who take drugs would not only spoil their health but ruin others too. There is a chain reaction. Those who deal in drugs needed to be arrested and sent behind bars or even hanged. Special courts are needed to deal with the drug menace.

    Similarly, moral education in schools and colleges and the appointment of trained counselors can also help in a big way. We need strict action on the one hand and preventive action on the other hand. Getting things done on a priority basis in terms of reforms cannot wait any longer.
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    Nice post from the author and I fully support his views and the drug abuse must be checked immediately by parents and also the govt immediately before it is too late to take any decisions.The wrong doers are prowl and targeting young college students to the drugs and many educational campus are having this menace done clandestinely without the notice of the university or colleges. The foreign national students who come here in the guise of higher studies are the carriers of these drugs and they organize supply without even known to parents and the law agencies. There need to be strict vigil on foreign students and in the past the TS police has arrested the other country students involved in drugs peddling and that has caused panic among the parents. This issue need to be addressed even by PM Modi in his next Man Ki Baat program.
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    There is a big drug cartel operating in many countries and it is being financed by some evil forces who have got some ulterior motives behind these things. There are some international mafias which are earning a lot of money from the drug business. The youngsters are falling in their trap and then these mafias are flourishing. The main problem is there are many evidences which indicate that some of the influential people and some of the people in high positions are linked to these drug cartels and due to that the lower level policemen keep quiet and remain away from taking any action against them. If it is so then it is a very fearful and worrisome situation because if police does not do its work due to the fear of some influential people on the top then who else will book the culprits. Recently, NCB has done some raids in many parts of the country and very surprising things are being seen to be unearthed by them. It seems that what we are seeing today is only the tip of the iceberg and there is more beneath to be unearthed by them.
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    This is a real big problem. In many places, we have this problem. This is a big mafia going on in many places in different parts of the world. Some people produce these drugs without licence and supply on different names. Recently we heard many cases involving these drugs. In the Hindi film industry and Telugu film Industry also we heard that many people are involved in this. Many students we have to stay in hostels are getting addicted to these drugs and spoiling their lives.
    CBI enquires will go on but finally, we will see no action on anybody. A very pathetic situation. The culprits to be punished severely so that no one will dare to do such acts again. Punishments should be exemplary. The suppliers and the users should be punished so that there will be fear in society.
    As mentioned by the author, it is good to spread awareness among the students through lecturers and video shows so that they will understand the problem in a better way.

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