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    Positive approach is the dawn of a happy life

    Nothing is impossible if there is hope. While falling asleep at night, every human being wishes to see the next morning, and as one wakes up, feels so happy. Same is the case with the whole human race. Life is all about hope which means a positive approach. Positivity charges up a person and boosts the confidence level as well. It makes a being courageous and adds stamina to achieve one's goal.

    Suppose there is a lack of positive thinking, the life and the whole world will seem dark. There won't be any ray of light which would be equivalent to a dead end. What's the use of leading a life like a dead? Human beings are the superior creation of God because they possess thinking power, which they can use to make and break their fortune. One must learn to differentiate between positive and negative thoughts. An optimistic mindset brings in joy and peace, but pessimism ruins everything.

    Thus, every person must live with hope. It works as a morale booster. Unless there is a positive approach in life, one cannot achieve success. Optimism is a real game-changer and proves to be the dawn of a meaningful and satisfying life.

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    Nice post from the author. The positive approach on every negative aspects need to be taken in right spirit and get a confidence in ourselves that we would achieve the success at any cost would pave the way for more productive work towards the goal and at last the success is achieved. The dawn of everyday morning should have this inner approach being created and a feel good factor must emerge within so that all the negative factors which are ready to dissuade us from doing the work would vanish within no time and that positivity would speak volumes about our connect to the works for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very well known fact. Positive thinking always brings happiness. If we start thinking negatively, our sorrow will start from the moment you start thinking negatively. But if you think positively you will have happiness surely at least till the result comes. So why expect bad and start worrying from now onwards. Expect good to happen always.
    When we go to sleep we will fix up a time for the alarm. That means that we are sure that we will get up in the morning. This hope will make us sleep happily without any disturbances. Many of our mythological epics say that if you think positively, definitely you will have good results in all your endeavours and that will result in happiness to all of us.

    always confident

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    The author has said the right thing. Often from childhood, elders of the house used to say, see and pray God in the morning after you wake up, thank them and then show some respect to your parents etc. All of these will make your whole day good because after these deeds we feel positive in ourselves. And the person who starts the day positively in the morning, remains more enthusiastic and energetic all day. Motivating yourself, taking a pledge in the morning that today I will be more workable towards my goal, leads you towards your goal and happiness.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    The author is right that we should have positive thinking about life. Optimism is essential for success in our efforts, negativity or pessimism discourages from achieving something. Everyday brings us hope- of happiness, success and better results. When we start our day with positivity it generates good feelings in heart, and when we determine to achieve something, at the end of the day result, mostly, comes as we desired.

    Good days and bad days both are part of our life. But we should keep our morale high in adverse circumstances too, we find the way to come out from clutches of adverse or untoward circumstances. We should not give up our efforts in any situation. We should keep sticking to our efforts courageously. Hopefully, end result will come positive.

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