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    The dawn of civilization

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Mahi was sleeping but has just awoken due to such continuous heavy sounds. Oh my God! Where he is! Everything surrounding him is ablaze. Where is his parent? Where is his birthday toy which his father gifted him yesterday night on his 6th birthday? He remembered that his father was telling his mom that it was purchased by Rs. 100/- - his total income after selling the paper-bags yesterday which his mom made from old newspapers.

    Mahi looks around. No, nowhere they are. Suddenly he discovers something is lying and fidgetting at the corner of their hut. He hears some whining sound from that corner too but it is very unknown to this little boy. Not very clear, the entire room is full of black smoke which creates a horrible scene mixing with the red light of the fire. Mahi tries to go forward. Suddenly a fiery wooden beam falls down in front of his target to approach. He moves two steps back. Mahi looks upward which makes him perplexed! The entire roof is burning, one out of which has just fallen down. Suddenly, he recalls what he has just seen in the light of the fallen beam. He looks vacantly at what he has tried to approach a few seconds back. His mom? Yes, it's she! But she can't be approached now! Being afraid the poor boy runs off wailing.

    But where he is coming now. All the huts surrounding his home are ablaze. People are running and yelling here and there. None is able to hear his wailing. He also tries to run like others. But falls down due to a collision with one of his slum. Everyone is in hurry to save their own life. Someone has run away trampling his one leg. He weeps aloud. But alas! If there was his father! No, he has no time to think about it now. He has become enough mature through these few minutes. He has to save his life first. Mahi stands up and starts running again.

    It's almost dawn! Mahi doesn't know when his tear has dried up. He doesn't know where his father is now. He doesn't know whether he is alive or dead like his mom. Many old memories which he has during his such a short span of life, are turning over in his mind. Sitting at the edge of a nearby mound from where their ablaze village is still visible at dawn, he remembers that his father was telling his mom a few days ago that few businessmen had planned to make a big market there where they lived. All the inhabitants were being instructed to make it vacant since the last few months but they refused as they lived there since many years. Mahi looks at their hut once again. A tear rolls down his cheek. The police car siren is hearable from a distance.

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    The sure shot winning narration in the form of a story has well connected to the tow topic and the author's thought process need to be appreciated.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In Telugu, there was a movie a few years back in which the starting scene is something similar to this. Then the small boy decided to take an act of revenge on the people who wanted to build a building in their area. The boy becomes big and starts his actions, the story goes on. People are so selfish for the selfish targets they never bother about the fate and the problems of other people. Many poor people are suffering like this in the hands of the rich.
    Good narration by the author. The civilisation of the people whose ablaze the houses of the poor is at its lowest possible place. I don't know whether it is the dawn of civilisation or dusk of civilisation.

    always confident

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    @Dr. Rao,
    It's my pleasure to see that you have exactly caught my point. When we are not successful even after making a voice in an understandable language, a taunt works better! That is the reason behind the title chosen.


    "Respect should be earned instead of demanding."

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