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    If the extended family members help each other crisis can be averted

    We find that that in a family tree of so many micro families the living conditions of many are not as per the liking and they have hand to mouth existence and in the same extended family some members are well placed and even rich also with good earning potential and recommending abilities and yet they would not reach out help each other and can avoid the crisis. If this anomaly is corrected in every extended families surely most of poverty stricken families can come up on their own without government looking after them. What is your take on this matter.?
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    Exactly. In fact, such features can also save an entire economy of a village or a cluster of villages or even towns. After all, every single Indian only needs to be guided properly to set up their own business. And helping others at the time of need is just not charity. It is a loan that will be repaid at the right time when the individual or the family becomes better in terms of their economic status.

    In fact, if the author 's suggestion can be implemented, we will see a big revolution. For example, at Nanganallur, a posh area of Chennai, two ladies, that is a daughter aged 73 and her mother who is 99 still survive by running a small catering establishment. The story was on YouTube. A Good Samaritan from the USA gave them an amount of two lakh rupees and requested the contact person to not let his name be mentioned in any way. Small contributions started pouring in.

    Today, the two ladies have rented a small shop where their previous mobile catering shop has moved into. The taste of the food is so good that people come back in hundreds. Yes. The author' s suggestion can and should work, even in the society.

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    The Sons and daughters of the same parents may not be in the same position financially. One may be doing very well and the other may be suffering. But the well to do brothers or sisters may not come forward to help the suffering brothers and sisters. This is the present-day society. They try to avoid them so that they need not help the. If they think that all their brothers and sisters are their family members only. this type of situation may not arise.
    The extended family concept is very good. If we read the Stroy of Rama, we will understand the importance of family values. Rama has to go to the forest. But why Lakshman also accompanied him? Bharata got a kingdom. But he kept the chappals of Rama on the king's seat. Why? The wife of Lakshmana, Urmila had no complaints against her husband. If we can really understand the value they have given for an extended family concept, we all will definitely appreciate the same and try to follow I think.

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    Within the same family, we can see that achievement of the different brothers are different and some are enjoying sound financial status but some may not pull on financially in the same way as that of their brothers. However, there must be emotional attachment for their family members and this attachment would allow them to think for the entire family.
    It is not that such a culture is not existing in our country. If we are genuinely interested to know how their own relatives and brothers are coming forward to extend their help to their less privileged brothers especially in Punjab and Rajsthan. This enhances the mutual trust and confidence of the deprived section. If such a culture is followed within the different regions in our country, we would progress rapidly in terms of financial prosperity.

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