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    Why major decisions are taken without the people's consent?

    We talk huge about our democracy and give credence to voters that they elect the govt for the people, by the people and of the people which is written in our constitution. But when it comes to taking far reaching decisions which largely affect the people then why govt is not taking the views and objections from the people on major decisions which are likely to be affected by and large. If the people are required for garnering votes, they should also be consulted and a referendum be conducted before taking any decisions.
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    Yes Sir. Just see how the Govt has enacted the farm laws without consulting people. In many pockets of the country, it is becoming so common to find land acquired from farmers by virtually brainwashing them when they need to have been consulted in the first place. This becomes even more tricky when you have infrastructure projects such as roads coming up in some pocket or the other without the proper compensation being given to farmers. Only strict population control can ever help these farmers, as the need for new industries may not be felt at all. For example, cement. We are so self-sufficient that not a single soul will even think of a new plant. We need to raise to the occasion and involve the people at every stage. People cannot be fooled anymore.

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    This Govt. has never felt the need to consult the people before taking a major and most important decision concerning people. They have stooped low in the discussion making process and completely excluded the people from what the govt is doing. From article 370 to CAA and now the farm law, the govt. act as a one-man army and treating people as third-class citizens who voted them to power. No respect is provided to people after the govt got in power. It is the most unfortunate thing that people are not taking into confidence before taking any action. People don't deserve this.

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    Sir, the problem seems to be there in several States too. The State Govts at times feels that they should play ball and do something stupid like the Telangana Govt. There is every evidence that the big Corporates will simply enter the farm sector and destroy the farmers. Already Reliance Fresh is doing this in a big way. In fact, even the Adanis have become so powerful now, thanks to their connection with our PM. This should never be allowed to happen. The small farmers cannot afford the big transport cost. If this cost is added, he will still not make any big profit. For example, tomatoes. If he is still able to sell one kg for Rs.7 in the local market, he will stand to gain, as the supply is highly seasonal. The prices will zoom when the production is less. The same tomato will retail for Rs. 80 per kg. The margin for the farmer will be the same. If the Corporate guy comes into the picture, he will only ask for rock bottom prices and the farmer may be forced to sell for a fraction of what he would otherwise get. Hence, the farmer is fully justified in asking for the minimum support price. But this Govt will not give any guarantee on this. And this is exactly the main problem.

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    The author has raised an unprecedented issue that the government should conduct a referendum before taking the major decision which may affect people by and large. I do agree with the author but this type of suggestion is applicable in small countries. India is a very large country. Conducting the referendum on every major decision will incur a big financial burden on the budget of the country. Purpose of democratically elected members of the Parliament or assembly is that they are representatives of the people who have this responsibility to raise our concern in respective houses. In this situation, the opposition parties should be given the freedom to oppose any bill which is brought in parliament if the bill may prove harmful for the people. This is an allegation of the opposition parties that latest farm bill was not discussed in parliament as it is expected in a democracy, especially, in the upper house the bill was passed without voting on the bill. This matter appears to be fishy as farmer unions that are representing ongoing farmers protest claim that this bill was brought in parliament to benefit the corporate sector. They claim that land for construction of warehousing or godown was purchased by the famous industrialists three years ago. They claim that these bills were drafted much before they were presented in parliament. They also claim that a similar farmers bill had been introduced in other countries also and farmers have lost their land in those countries. They also say that in several parts of the country like in Bihar and M.P. these laws have been implemented and results are not coming in farmers' favour. Government need to listen to their grievances. I hope that the government will definitely remove their doubts.
    Realities on the ground are not conducive for the talks concerning the amicable solution of this problem. This is a major concern for the country and the common people.
    I hope that on next round talks on 4th of January will bring some amicable solution to this standoff.

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    It is true that all elected governments of both Central and State governments in the name of democracy are passing laws according to their wish without even consulting opposition parties. No proper discussions are also entertained in the houses of parliament or assemblies thinking that people gave the verdict for their parties to do anything according to their wish. But a democratic government should consult people, opposition parties and should hold debates in the houses before making any law. Recently the farm law made by the central government was forcibly enacted even opposition parties made a strong plea for debate in the house. Mr. Amit Shah now realized and in a media meeting, told that the government might have been held more discussions with farmers before making the law. Similarly in AP, the previous government decided to have the capital at Amaravathi, the central region of AP. To construct the capital in this place, the previous government procured 34,281 acres and made an agreement with farmers. But the present newly elected government unilaterally canceled the capital project at Amaravathi and wish to shift it to Visakhapatnam. Now the farmers are at a great loss due to this unilateral decision making them lose their lives. Due to the ego of the present government, thousands of farmers who sacrificed their lands are on roads agitating for justice for one year. Our democratic system failing fully in realizing the true fruits of democracy and the welfare of people.

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    If that's what you want to be done, there is no need to elect a representative to our parliament and assemblies. Why waste of time and money to conduct elections? The government in power has the majority from the ruling party. Even after discussion, the party in power would get the majority to pass the law. Referundum would cost additional expenditure which is not required. Let our representatives discuss the issues and take decision.
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    India is a big country, its population is in the second place in the world, in such a situation it is not easy to ask everyone for their opinion, apart from this, there are people of different kinds of religion and culture in the country, all have their own different views. So it is not necessary that everyone has the same opinion. That is why in the constitution of the country, it is the system that the people elect one of their representatives and the same representative should put our point before the government on our behalf. The biggest change here should be that the right decision of whether we are choosing our representative is worth it or not. The public should choose the person and not the party. As long as the people standing as our representatives in the country are not honest with us, then improvement is not possible.

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    The New Year has brought in new thinking to the author and rightly so. All the political parties in India are working for their party's benefit. The Farm Laws is an example. No consultations with the State Governments and the Farmer's Associations. By virtue of the majority, a particular party may be in power but that does not mean that it should keep all the opposition parties away from consultations. I hope wisdom will dawn on the political parties to take all the parties along with them for the good of the country and the people.
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    We have a democratic system in place and as per that we have elected the party and persons of our interest. Now they are ruling the states as well as the country. Once we have elected them then it becomes their responsibility to run the country properly and change some defective old rules with the new ones. Now when they are doing that why people are objecting. There seems to be a tendency of opposing everything that Govt is doing for the overall welfare of the country. If Govt is strengthening the defence people are crying that all the money is going there for buying the weapons. I do not want to mention so many things which Govt has done and wants to do but there is always opposition from some quarters. Who are these people who are opposing everything is a matter of investigation. Democracy does not mean that we should blindly oppose the Govt policies. There is no need of any referendum as people can always vote and make a party or person out of the regime. There is no problem in that. Next time let us bring a party in power whom we feel will work better than the present one. This is ridiculous that we are voting to a party and at the same time opposing it for everything. There is something wrong somewhere at a rudimentary level.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The farmers problem is existing since long. Even the Congress government wanted to bring in new farm laws to help the poor farmers who are suffering due to the middlemen. BJP has taken the bold step to help the farmers by introducing new farm laws which will keep the middlemen away. Now Congress has taken a U turn and started opposing the farm laws. This was not expected by the ruling government. India being second largest country with 1.3 billion population cannot go for a referendum. We have our elected reps to speak/act behind the public.

    Should we consult the public for demonetization?
    Should we consult the public for GST?
    Should we consult the public for CAA/NRC etc?
    Should we consult the public for our action in our borders?
    Should we consult the public for a war?
    Let us leave it to the government to decide and act.

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    I am not a follower or relative of any party but the way the things are moving on without taking people into confidence the dissent voice do raise
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Ours is a democratic country where 30% of the eligible voters do not vote in the elections. Majority of the people who vote do not know the value of the vote and they vote according to factors other than the worthiness of the candidate. There is a misconception that the party that got the majority will take care of the affairs of the country and the welfare of the people. We, the voters, have to assess the performance from time to time without leaving it to a political party or an alliance. The role of the opposition is to bring out the lapses in the policies of the Government and make it responsible for their actions. Saying that opposition parties are opposing the Government without any substance is wrong. Blindly supporting the Government with blind faith in one man is not good. The Government has failed to highlight their good governance in any election because they do not have anything worthwhile to mention. The Bhakts always find something good which they cannot give specifics. They always say a lot was done and no one knows what are those. The decline of the country started with demonetisation, hasty, and faulty implementation of GST. Mistakes bound to happen. Wisdom lies in identifying those mistakes and taking corrective actions. The economy is not healthy. Even before the pandemic, it took a nosedive. The Government of the day should listen and take criticism objectively. Then only any Government will succeed in putting the development to the fore than self-interests.
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    @SuN: I don't think you have ever tried to understand what these three farmers laws are. If you think you have fully understood them, then please start a separate thread for each of them and convince those members who are against these laws. I hope you might have noticed that some members don't support these laws. I don't think random views have any weight. Hope you will enlighten us

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    If that is the case why elections? Elections are conducted to decide which party will run the government. Once it is decided the parliament will be responsible for making a decision regarding any issues. All the MPs are responsible for seeing the interest of the people from his constituency. Our representative in Parliament is our MP. If he/she accepts means we have accepted the same. In the first place, the bill will be presented to Loksabha and then to RajayaSabha and then only sent for President's approval.
    If the government wants to get the opinion of the people on all the issues, we will have many such elections instead of one election in 5 years. Is it practicable in a country like India. The suggestion is not practicable I feel. There are MPs from other parties also and there will be a debate and after that debate only the bill will be passed or sent for revision or rejected.
    Opposition parties will also be responsible for bringing out the issues which are against the people. We can't say always that opposition is not constructive. Even though they will have fewer numbers, they could try to convince the government by putting all their efforts.

    always confident

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    But what I feel absolute majority makes the head strong and the govt feels anything can be done against the vox populi.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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