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    Post-cataract operation care: is the 45 days cool off period compulsory?

    One of the things I hate doing is to visit a hospital. I believe in preventive care and a whole lot of herbal Siddha treatments and the Ayurveda drugs have done the trick even when I was twice subject to Covid test because I had to attend to my ailing father who is no more now. I was tested negative and do not have the faintest of symptoms. The pepper rasam I have at home is itself great I guess!!

    However, Siddha does not have as yet, any treatment for cataract and I have to complusorily undergo the surgery on the 8th of Jan. I am horrified by the 45 days cooling period when I will strictly away from the mobile and the computer as well. I just cannot type the articles at all. At best, I can request my daughter ( provided she is free) to type a forum post.

    The question is: is the 45 days cooling period so vital? If this can be reduced, and if yes, to what extent? Am sure, some Member would have either gone through cataract or seen someone in the family getting it done. Please do share your views. I will be off from the articles and this is going to be really sad.
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    With modern technology and science, cataract surgery is not a big worrying thing at present. So don't worry much about the surgery. The cooling period what doctors suggested is very important to follow after surgery to recover back to normalcy. So, you have to follow what doctors advised you to do after surgery and one shouldn't neglect it. If the healing process gets affected after surgery, that can trouble you a lot in the future. After complete recovery, you can contribute to ISC with renewed vigor. Recently I fell down from the steps of the hospital when I went for a checkup and I got a hairline fracture in my left leg. At that time I was not even able to slightly move my leg as it was paining severely. The doctor advised me to take one-month bed rest without much medicines. He also told if bed rest is not taken properly it may lead to the point of surgery. I strictly followed the doctor's advice for one month. After one month I recovered and came back to normalcy. So it is always good to follow the doctor's words without neglecting them.

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    Thank you Sir. Shall stay cool. Forced rest for 45 days!!;

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    I'm sorry to know about demise of your father. You are to have cataract surgery, following suggestions are to be taken care of:
    a- Dont use thick pillow after the surgery for a week or so.
    b- Do not eat spicy (especially red pepper) food at all
    c- Dont talk too much and most important thing don't get angry and don't think about any matter which might make you worried.
    d- Dont move your head after the surgery. keep it straight while lying in bed (for a week)
    e- Dont lie on left side and don't see direct light (bulb)
    f- Walk slowly if you have to walk when it is necessary for you.
    g- Dont opt for robotic surgery
    h- Rest follow the instructions/suggestions of doctor
    i- If any problem you face consult the doctor immediately.

    Best of luck.

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    Sivakumar, very sorry to hear about the sad demise of your father. May his soul rest in peace!

    Coming to your query, as said by Ramakrishna in the response above, a Cataract operation is an easy procedure nowadays and you will be able to leave the hospital in a few hours. I don't know from where you got this information of 45 days cooling period but as per my knowledge ( my co-brother had undergone this surgery last month), you may have to be under medication for about a month but the cooling period will not be more than two weeks subject to the health condition of the person. All said and done the final word will be of your doctor and so follow his instructions strictly and seek his approval before beginning to watch TV or work on the computer. You may not be allowed to work for long hours or for some time at a stretch but I think there would be no issues after about two weeks or so. All the best!

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    Sorry to know about the demise of your father and I pray to God to see that he will attain moksha. As mentioned by you the AYurvedic and native medicines did a good job and many people got benefitted by these. I also used to take every day some kashayam made by my wife. That helped me a lot.
    A cataract is not a very difficult surgery and you can come back home on the same day after completing the surgery. My father got operated for cataract for both the eyes. Doctors suggested him 30 days cooling-off period for him.
    The cooling-off period may be less based on your age and health condition. Watching TV or working on the computer is to be stopped for a while as per the suggestion of the doctor. The doctor will tell you all the precautions needed and you have to follow them without any deviation.

    always confident

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    Thank you Sirs. I do look forwarorward to being able to get back to normal living after a while. Thank you once again.

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    AB Sivakumar,

    Sorry for your loss. May his soul rest in peace.

    The cataract surgery is a breeze, nothing whatsoever to worry about. Various family members have undergone it and they have all spoken about the amazing visual they got during the surgery - seeing the rainbow spectrum! You may be in the O.T. for quite a while since the Surgeon will take you in about an hour early to get you ready and give the anaesthetic, and, post-surgery, you will be put in a recovery room where the Surgeon will come up and check on you. Since the date has been fixed, it is assumed that the Surgeon has given you a detailed schedule of the eye drops that need to be put in before, on the day of the surgery, and after. You must follow the time schedule to the T of each eye drop right to the last date over the span of a month or more as per the instructions. Please confirm about breakfast on the day of the surgery, whether you can eat before that day's eye drops are put in and ensure that what you eat after the surgery (before you go home) is as per any dietary requirements that you require. Ensure, too, that the eye drops that need be put before the surgery in the hospital are taken.

    Regarding the eye drops and other things- here are some useful tips based on my role three times as the 'nurse' administering the drops for each of my relatives:
    1. The bottles may not be easy to open, but need to be opened with care (you can tell the pharmacist to open them and put them carefully back in the box but see that they are then carried back home without tilting them) and the tips from where the drops fall should not be touched. People have this tendency to touch it to see if the hole is proper for a drop to come out! It can be slightly tilted over the back of a hand to check if the drop falls. Nor should the tip be wiped off. Simply close the lid of the bottle and put it back in the box.
    2. The bottles can be confusing due to similar size, shape and colour; if so, put some small colour paper bit on the box flap to distinguish it.
    3. Put all bottles in a separate box, not mixed with any other medicines.
    4. Keep a wad of cotton in its own box. Why you need it - there is one milky drop which tends to dry up and leaves a white mark, as also to wipe the cheek if the drop trickles down. This can be wiped out gently later before putting in the next drop. Do not use the cotton to wipe out the eyeball. Cotton is also required to be put on the eye below the night cover cap (info. on it later).
    5. Ensure that you have bought a pair of black glasses. Now, this is important because you need to block out bright light and mere fancy Raybans or other sunglasses will not do. The hospital pharmacy will have them if you don't get them elsewhere, and please show them to the Dr to ensure they are the right ones. You must wear them at all times at home and continue to wear them till the time the Dr. says it is Ok not to continue with them. The only time you won't be wearing them is at night when sleeping.
    6. At night you will be putting on a cover cap over the eye in the initial few days post-surgery. This you need to buy in advance as well, along with the white tape to hold it down. The person who will be in charge of this should get instructions from the Dr. on how it is to be placed over the eye and the tape put across it (it must not shift). The reason for this cap is so that if during the night your eyes open, nothing will fall in it. This cover cap must be kept clean. I used to put it in a katori of warm water a few hours prior to putting it on the eye, and then wipe it down with cotton to dry it.
    7. You must visit the Dr for follow-ups as per the schedule he tells you, as he needs to regularly check the operated eye. At any time you feel any unusual discomfort or itchiness, you must report it to the Dr immediately. Please keep his direct contact number handy with whosoever is staying with you.
    8. The Dr. may allow you to read/look at your phone after 10 days, perhaps, and watch television about three or four weeks later. It all depends on the healing process. Personally, I would advise you to stay away from the laptop for the 45-day period. After all, it is a question of taking care of one of our most delicate organs. It is frustrating, no doubt. Listen to soothing music.
    9. Coming back to the drops - I had bought a notebook and drawn columns with the dates and the time for each of eyedrops, ticking each off after the drop was put in. This ensured that no drop was missed out. You may also need to wake up early to have the first drop of the day put in. The whole schedule of all those numerous drops is likely the most tedious thing for you and the caregiver!!

    And why do you want your daughter to submit forum threads on your behalf? It is that important an activity? I think not! Please ensure that both, you and your daughter (or whoever is putting the eye drops) gets instructions from the Dr of how to put in the eye drops (the part of the eye). Above all, take care to adhere to the SOPs for protection against the virus.

    Of course, don't take my word for it on whatever I have stated here. As rightly mentioned by others, follow the Dr's advice. Best wishes. Post-surgery, we'll all of us meet you here after the 8th of February.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Mr. Siva Kumar, my heartfelt condolences for the demise of your father. May his soul rest in peace.

    A cataract is a simple operation. You are required to be careful for 10 days during which time water should not enter your eyes. Just follow the advice of the doctors and nothing to worry about. Hope to see you active on the ISC after two weeks' time. Wish you a successful operation.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I am very sorry to have heard the demise of your father and it is a heart rendering news. May his soul rest peace.
    Regarding the cataract operation, it is believed that it is a minor surgery and under the guidance of your surgeon, your rate of recovery should be fast. At least, you might have taken review of the surgeon who is take up your case for the cataract surgery. If you have gone through the reviews of the eye surgeon written favourably, there is nothing to be panicked.
    Ensure that no water droplets enter into your affected eye and everything thing goes smoothly, it will hardly take a fortnight to restore normalcy. I wish you a successful operation.

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    Sorry to know about the demise of your father. Generally cataract operation heals in a few days and people come back to the normal life. But it varies from person to person and in medical science the doctors take the rare cases also in account when they tell us for precautions for a long time. For cataract the maximum healing period can extend unto 4 to 6 weeks and we do not know what is there in our case. It is always better to take the precautions as you already follow the doctrine of prevention is better than cure. Wish you an early recovery.
    One thing which I will mention as a general information here is that we may be taking natural herbs and medicinal things as prescribed in our Ayurvedic or Siddha and that is definitely a good thing to do but when it comes to infections and infestations anything can happen to anyone at anytime as there are still unknown mysterious things in nature around us and we should never feel confident about anything of that sort. We should not only take preventions but we should also be cautious in our approach.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Vandana Madam, thanks a million. Yes. I had been to the Chennai clinic today. It is a drive by car that takes around 140 minutes from here. The clinic is amongst the best in the metro city and is in Mylapore, a very posh locality. The operation is to be done at a hospital a little away from the clinic.

    Thanks a million once again. Yes, a neat little box with all the eye drops and then detailed instructions on how to use, when to use and so on has been given. The lens chosen is a bit costly at Rs85000 but it includes the cost of surgery as well. Yes. I have been thoroughly briefed. A big miss will the crucial third match between Australia and India. Hope to see the highlights after the 45 days. I guess this period may come down after the first and second review. Chennai is home to the most advanced technology and am told there will not be many issues.

    The surgeon had served for several years at the prestigious Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital. You might have heard about this world-class hospital, reputed to be among the best in Asia.

    And today, the world-famous Arvind Eye Hospital of Madurai is also present in Chennai. Am so happy at so many Members advising me. This is the first time this is going to happen and hence this anxiety. Regarding my daughter's inputs!! Am yet to ask her. She is a soft skills trainer with a leading Chennai-based organization but works from home at the moment. She speaks damn good English and is also an IELTS certified trainer who is getting offers from so many places. Perhaps after Covid is totally gone, she will visit some countries on short-term assignments.

    I will be away from ISC for a while. But will get back and intend to be so active for the next 48 hours when the eye drops are expected to start. It has been a great learning experience thus far. If any Member wants to know about any Chennai based Eye care facility, I will be very happy to help.

    Thanks to you Madam and to all other Members. Covid fear is almost gone and everyone here just says that they would face it if they get it!! No one is bothered. Fresh cases are down to less than 20 in our Ranipet District.

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